What to do in the Garden in February

Your garden requires attention every month, even when it seems the weather is too cold and damp for anything to make a difference.

February is no different; the nights and mornings are getting lighter, and spending more time in the garden is almost possible. Now is the time to think ahead to summer, and how you want your garden to look.


What to do in the Garden in February


  1. Sow summer bedding flowers

Sowing bulbs and flower seeds in February and March will give them enough time to get a head start on flowering. If you’re making a new ground bedding border, you may benefit from a rotavator or a tiller to churn the soil, allowing for the ground planting of bulbs.

As long as the ground isn’t too frosty or waterlogged, and we aren’t expecting further extreme cold weather, you can start sowing in late February.

If you’re sowing seeds, you might want to sow into pots until they are plug plants, for easier management.

SPEEDY TOP TIP: Unsure how old your seed packets are? Try germinating a few on damp kitchen paper to check if they’re still usable.


  1. Clean your greenhouse

If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you’ll want to start filling it with sowed seeds and bulbs which will help them to germinate and protect them from frost.

But you’ll want to give them as much natural light as possible during this time. So, clean the glass of your greenhouse to allow the light to shine through.

Brush up all debris using a broom and collect. Remember to clear the floor and check for snails and other pests which shouldn’t be there.

Then, you’ll want to hire a pressure washer to properly clean the floor of the greenhouse. This will ensure no soil or moss is growing. Let it dry in the sun with the windows and door open, which will avoid humidity building up.


  1. Get pruning

There are several things you need to prune in February, ready for new growth, if you haven’t already:

  • Ornamental grasses, before new shoots appear
  • Late summer flowering clematis, back to the buds
  • Winter-flowering shrubs, once blooming has stopped
  • Buddleia and elder to the base, to keep the size sensible
  • Trim back climbers such as ivy, before nesting season
  • It is the last chance to prune winter-prune fruit trees and soft fruit bushes


  1. Service and clean garden tools

If you didn’t do this in January, don’t leave it any later. Service and clean all of your tools, from pruners to the lawnmower.

Check that they work first; if not, you can hire all of your electrical gardening and landscaping tools from Speedy, or even purchase essentials such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers.

If yours work, check the cable and plug for any wear, and sharpen or replace any blades. Oil hinges and remove rust by soaking in white vinegar overnight.




Speedy has plenty of monthly gardening guides to help you stay organised and on track for summer in the garden.

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