Essential Flood Recovery Products

When recovering from a flood, removing the water and drying out the foundations of your flooded home will have to be the first steps you take.

This has to all be done as soon as possible; water damage can cause further issues if left untreated for too long. This includes long-term dampness and potential structural damage.

Your insurance company may provide professional cleaning services once your claim has been handled. However, in cases of large-scale major flooding, there may be delays in the flood insurance response and recovery funding being available, in which case most people have to do the drying out themselves.

For this, you will need to hire professional flood recovery products. Speedy Hire has a range of flood recovery products available for hire. With over 200 depots across the country, the ability to order online for 4-hour delivery, and Speedy stores available in selected B&Qs across the UK, you’ll find hiring anything you need simple and quick. Because the last thing you need is further stress.


What you need to help recover from flooding

When recovering from a flood in your home, whether caused by weather or a burst water pipe, the first thing to do is remove as much of the water as possible. A water pump will get rid of the water without adding to flooding elsewhere; either place the other end of the hose down a drain or in a collection vessel until it can be removed. Then, a dehumidifier will remove any of the dampness left behind, which will be particularly relevant if you have carpet or the water has reached a height on your walls.

Finally, a heater will encourage everything to fully dry out. You may be unable to use your central heating system, in which case a heater will provide the warmth needed to aid evaporation and drying times.


Submersible Water Pumps

The first product you will need if the flood water in your home is relatively deep is a pump, which will get rid of excess water.

They won’t remove the moisture completely but will get the water down to manageable levels (usually only leaving around 1mm of water behind).

Both the Tsurumi and Obart water pumps above come with a 6m lay flat hose, so they can largely be left alone to do the job and will effectively remove the water to a low level.



This moisture and dampness left behind by the water need to be removed. This will help any flood-damaged upholstery and furnishings dry out, such as carpets and furniture. You will also need to dry your foundations, such as the plaster on your walls, as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.

The dehumidifiers above can remove up to 48 hours of water every day. You don’t want to remove all traces of moisture, because getting everything too dry too quickly could also cause damage. However, a dehumidifier allows you to set a humidity level.

The appliance will keep running until this level is reached and will maintain this. It may have to work very hard for a few days, but once the worst of the humidity is controlled, you will be able to tell as the device will be collecting less water every day.

Both of the Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers featured above are ideal for use when a room has to quickly dry out after flooding, and they’re portable so can be moved around your home where required.



Warmer conditions encourage water evaporation. So, once the water has been removed and the majority of the excess humidity is gone, you will want to use heaters.

While floods can happen at any time of the year, they’re more likely in colder conditions, so heating your home will be beneficial to both drying out the structure of the building and to your working conditions, too.

Both of the Master heaters above can be ducted outside which makes them safer to use indoors, for fume-free air. They use diesel power so will work really hard to provide warmth and can also be used if you can’t yet use your mains electricity and your generators are busy working with other appliances.



Yes. Speedy, the UK's leading tool hire company, have a range of products for flood recovery available for hire nationwide. Speedy has more than 200 service centres across the nation, hire counters in selected B&Qs and nationwide 4-hour delivery, rotavator hire has never been easier.

From dehumidifiers to pumps, and even generators and emergency lighting if your mains are not quite safe to be connected again, we have everything you will need, as soon as you need it.

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