With weather warnings and flood alerts in place, knowing what to do in the event your home, site or business is flooded is imperative.

  • Notify your insurer immediately - If your local site or business is affected ring your head office. For residential properties conventional homeowners insurance policies don’t cover groundwater flood damage, therefore you will need to discuss the extent of your coverage and the cause of the flood with them.
  • Document the damage and follow advice - Your insurance company may want you to wait for an adjuster to inspect your home before you can make repairs and restoration efforts
  • Action - After agreeing with your insurer to remove water from the premises, use a pump to remove water 
  • Avoid mould and damp - Keep a window open to allow fresh air to circulate and if possible, use a dehumidifier to remove any moisture  

How to help to prevent flooding 

Every measure should be taken to protect your site or property in case of a flood. If there are expected flood warnings in your area, a stock of supplies could mean the difference between severe home flooding and a dry, untarnished property.

  • Stock up on flooding bags - Blocking doorways can shield your home from flood waters as they approach. Check out our range of flood defence solutions, all available to buy here 
  • Installations - Water resistant doors and window frames and attach floodskirts wherever possible on your property
  • The right plaster - Using water-resistant materials such as lime plaster or cement render won’t leave your walls as vulnerable to water
  • Raise electrical sockets, fuse boxes, wiring and other equipment like boilers to at least 5 foot above floor level
  • Valuables - Crucial information such as insurer details, passports and items of sentimental value such as family photographs should be kept in sealed plastic bags, ideally upstairs or in an attic

To keep up to date with the latest flood warnings, please head to https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings and remember we’re only a phone call away for further help and advice protecting your site or property. 

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