Exclusive from Speedy: Milwaukee MX FUEL™ 3.1M LED LIGHTING TOWER


Keeping your site well-lit supports both safety and productivity, allowing overnight work in sufficient visibility. With the MX FUEL™ LED Lighting Tower, Milwaukee is providing users with the ability to light their site in a revolutionary way.

Speedy Services are proud to be the only UK hire destination for the new MX FUEL™ collection, which includes the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ 3.1m LED Lighting Tower. It is a completely battery-powered, cordless range of power tools for use on sites, yet still gives the user the power of traditional petrol-powered alternatives.

The MX Fuel Lighting Tower is currently available across our network of depots but is in high demand. Hire now for your site lighting needs, so you don't get left in the dark this Winter.




Why Choose MX Fuel?

The MX FUEL™ range eliminates the hazards associated with fumes, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of petrol maintenance, while giving you the same performance, run time and durability of petrol.

Battery power means low carbon output, helping to meet low emissions targets. It also cuts out the need to maintain fuel on-site and swapping out a battery is quicker than refuelling too.

When it comes to lighting, battery-powered cordless options also mean there’s no need for generators. Providing light to remote applications can be difficult; it means more time setting up everything and transporting additional equipment. Battery cuts out the need for generators and fuel.

There are countless other benefits to the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ LED Lighting Tower too, which we will go into below. With a UK-wide network of delivery options and local depots, hiring this new range and anything else you need for the job is easy with Speedy Services.


MX Lighting tower from Speedy Vimeo 



Lighting is vital for work done overnight, such as in infrastructure or transport. But the portable MX FUEL™ Lighting Tower can also be used indoors too, meaning it gives you flexible application for whatever your job at hand is.

The MX FUEL™ Lighting Tower provides any site with a TRUEVIEW™ high-definition light output. Up to 27,000 Lumens in AC and up to 20,000 Lumens in DC mode give you plenty of area and task lighting without requiring access to AC power.

Built with two all-terrain wheels, little effort is needed to move it across uneven ground, and the fact it collapses down to 1.2m high for easy transportation makes this easier and safer, too. This also helps with transportation. Once it has been set up, four outriggers give it the stability required when at full height.

The light can withstand up to 35 mph (55 km/h) winds and is protected from rain, wind, and dust. They are also built with high impact polycarbonate lenses that deliver superior impact durability. Overall, it has an IP55 rating, giving intrusion protection against low-pressure jets of water from all directions, and dust.


As mentioned, utilising battery technology means greater flexibility and transportation. The light can be set up anywhere it is required, without the need for generators, which also gets rid of the issues of trailing wires and maintaining fuel on-site.

Batteries do need charging, though, which often requires access to an AC power supply. So, understanding that this lighting system could be needed in remote destinations where generators are difficult to set up, Milwaukee has built-in a charger for the spare battery. This means you’re automatically good to go when you need the next few hours of power, and the battery is right there for an easy swap. No need to set up a generator elsewhere on site.

This built-in charger can give power to any of Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM™ battery packs, which can also be used across the rest of the range. When equipped with an MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ XC406 battery, on a single charge the tower light can run for 3 hours on the highest 20,000 lumens or up to 10 hours on its lowest setting.

It can also be plugged into an extension cord for all-day operation if there is easy access to power anyway. A sealed battery box means the workings are protected from the elements at all times, so you can still work in wind and rain.



The industry’s largest Bluetooth community tracking network comes courtesy of Milwaukee. The MX FUEL™ LED Lighting Tower works with the ONE-KEY™ network to give the user unbeatable, modern security.

You can prevent tampering with remote locking, track where your tools are and receive real-time alerts if anything changes. So, when security is a priority, the digital app can give you peace of mind.


Hire the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range

The entire Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range, including the demolition hammercut off saw and diamond core drill, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With this ability, zero-emission tools have never been more accessible or readily available. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.

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