Last Minute Garden Ideas for the Bank Holiday

In May 2023, we are lucky to not only have the Early May Bank Holiday (May 1st) and the Spring Bank Holiday (May 29th) but also a few days off for the King’s Coronation (May 8th).

This means—weather permitting—that we can hopefully spend some quality time in the garden. So, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready so you can sit down and enjoy it.

Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time. Here at Speedy, we have all of the landscape gardening tools you need, available to hire to get the job done, from lawnmowers to hedge trimmers and everything in between.




How to Get Your Garden Ready for the Bank Holiday

  1. Clean Everything Up

A pressure washer will be your friend here. Connect it to your hosepipe, and you can blast away all of the dirt which has built up over winter.

This includes the moss and algae which has developed on flagstones and decking, due to the wet and dark conditions.

But don’t stop there. A pressure washer on a low setting is also a great tool for cleaning your patio and garden furniture, your fencing, and your barbecue.

So, if you’re planning on taking your dining outdoors over the bank holiday weekend, get everything ready now and then use furniture covers which can be whipped off when you’re ready to use them.

Before you use a pressure washer you must wear the correct PPE. Eye protection, gloves, safety boots, and a dust mask are essential. Any PPE you do require can be purchased from Speedy.



  1. Get the Grass in Good Shape

If you have a lawn, you may have already started on the work to get it ready for summer. Aerating your lawn is a great way to get air and nutrients to the roots and encourage new growth, and the first grass cut of the year should have been around mid-March, weather permitting.

Feed your lawn and use grass seed if any patches are looking bare. Mow the lawn if it is in good condition but keep it around 3cm long at the very least. Cutting it too short in spring could mean it takes longer to repair.

Now is a good time to trim grass edges. It will define the borders and allow you access to plant flowers and care for existing plants.


  1. Add the Colour Back

From giving your fence panels a top-up of paint, to planting bold annual flowers, there are plenty of ways you can brighten up your outdoor space.

Colourful plant pots, garden ornaments, and soft furnishings for the table are some other ideas. These can be used year after year, too, so make a great investment. They’re also a good idea if you don’t want to make any major changes to the garden décor.


  1. Trim Back Hedges

If you’ve got some tall hedging or trees that need a bit of tidying up, hiring a petrol-powered long-reach hedge trimmer is a great way to cut through them and will get your garden looking presentable.

We recommend that no matter what time of the year it is, you should always check carefully for active bird nests prior to cutting.

Speedy recommends the Stihl HL94 C-E 600MM, 6.2KG long-reach 2-Stroke hedge trimmer designed for work on high hedges and close to the ground, it is a lightweight and adjustable ideal option for homeowners.

Another option is the Stihl HS 82 RC-E 600MM, 5.3KG a professional hedge trimmer with 2-Mix technology designed with a double-sided cutting blade to cut through the toughest of hedges.


Speedy Top Tip! Please Watch our How-To Use a Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer Video below:



Before you use a hedge trimmer it’s essential that you wear the correct PPE, safety boots, gloves and eye protection and a hard hat are essential, and we would also recommend that hearing protection is worn when using petrol-powered equipment. 


  1. Mow the lawn

Does your lawn need a little bit of TLC, is it looking a bit overgrown and tired from those long winter months? Is your lawnmower broken or you simply don’t have the space to store one?

Then not to worry, you can hire a lawnmower and cut your grass to get it looking great again, just in time to get those sunbeds out this Bank Holiday.

Speedy recommends the Makita PLM4631, 32.5kG a self-propelled petrol mulching lawnmower recommended for lawns of up to 1400m². Cutting heights of 20-75mm with 8 centralised steppings and equipped with a large 60-litre grass box ensures less time spent emptying the grass cuttings.

Before you use a lawnmower it’s really important that you wear the correct PPE, safety boots and gloves are essential and we’d also recommend that ear protection is worn when using any petrol-powered equipment.





Ready for more DIY inspiration?

Thank you for reading the Speedy Services blog, we hope you found this how to get your garden ready for the bank holiday blog useful, start to transform your garden today ready to enjoy those hot summer nights.

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