With Christmas now fast approaching and the weather getting colder outside, it’s time to get your home ready for Christmas to enjoy those warm nights in with friends and family, listening to your favourite Christmas jingles.

From putting up your Christmas lights to shine bright on those dark nights, hanging up your Christmas wreath on your newly painted front door, to making sure you have all the correct tools to get your jobs done. We’ve got the ideas to get your home looking its very best for Christmas.


Ideas to get your home ready for Christmas     


Idea 1: Hang your Christmas Lights   

If With the darker nights now drawing in why not add some sparkle outside and hang up some outside Christmas lights to shine bright, use a ladder following best safety practices to reach the gutters or to attach the lights to exterior walls. Impress your visitors and even couriers delivering those last-minute Christmas presents by adding novelty LED outdoor ornaments from reindeers to snowman there’s plenty to choose from you’ll inspire your whole neighbourhood.


Idea 2: Refresh your Walls   

Refresh your walls with a fresh colour of paint or combine two different colours to match your Christmas decorations and Christmas Tree baubles. Use a paint sprayer to save you time and provide you with a smooth and even finish, leaving you more time to bake those Christmas cookies, wrap up your presents ready to put under the tree and put your tinsel up. Choose your new colour scheme and paint colour and create something yule love this Christmas.


Idea 3: Hang your Christmas Wreath  

Time to hang up your beautifully decorated Christmas Wreath on your front door, but before you do make sure your front door is looking its best first.  Wash to remove any dirt or if your wooden door is looking a bit worn remove it and sand down using a belt sander and treat before you add a new lick of paint. Choose a paint colour to match your wreath and finally add a new shiny letterbox to complete your new festive look ready for your Christmas cards to arrive.


Idea 4: Add Soft Furnishings   

Give your home a Christmas makeover by simply adding some new soft furnishings, choose from scatter cushions and throws to make your indoor space cosier during those cold winter nights. Choose a new colour or pattern to match your festive look, choose from big fluffy cushions and soft throws. Also adding a new rug will make a big impact especially in your living room and it’s a great place to pile up all your lovely Christmas presents.


Idea 5: Hang your Christmas Stockings 

Don’t forget to hang up your Christmas stockings for all to see this will add some instant charm and interest to your room.  Choose from personalised stockings or novelty stockings and hang on your mantelpiece, table, or window ready for a visit from Santa.


Idea 6: Clear your Roof

Taking all necessary precautions and safety measures, use a roof ladder to climb onto your roof and clear it of any debris, twigs, or leaves, check for any broken tiles, ready for Santa and his reindeers to arrive. Secure any aerials to protect them from extreme weather conditions.


Idea 7: Tool Up

Make sure you have the correct power tools for any last-minute repairs or emergencies that may be needed for example an electric screwdriver to attach broken shelves or LED torches in case of power cuts, it’s always best to be prepared at home with that extra piece of mind ready to enjoy Christmas.


Idea 8: Keep Warm

Keeping warm and heating up your home at Christmas using smaller heating solutions can be more cost-efficient than turning on your central heating all the time.  There are lots of different heating options to choose from to keep your home and guests warm this Christmas time.


Idea 9: Clean out Drains

Clean out your drains and remove any debris and leaves, use a drainage rod set to remove any visible blockage, this will help to reduce the risk of mould and bacteria growth. Cleaning out your drains will also help to reduce overflows and floods during the festive season


Idea 10: Deep clean your Carpets

Deep clean your carpets and remove any stains or dirt to get your carpets looking as good as new again. Use a carpet cleaner  for a more professional finish, get your carpets clean and ready for those Christmas parties, time to get your Christmas party hat on.


Speedy Tip: Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s / animals reach, wear correct safety PPE equipment and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment.


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