Speed is one of the main benefits of hiring equipment, especially in the construction industry which is increasingly under pressure to reduce turnaround times.

Now more than ever, the delivery, collection and availability of equipment are critical capabilities that the construction industry needs in its supply chain, as many hiring decisions are last minute and time sensitive.

Equipment Planning

To plan accurately, construction managers need to know whether the equipment is available within their timescales. Often projects can have urgent requirements for equipment on the same day. The industry increasingly faces restricted delivery times to site which puts increased pressure on project timescales, and suppliers, with the prospect of increased downtime if deliveries have to be turned away from site and rebooked. At the same time, contractors need flexibility and to be able to change schedules at short notice if, for example, weather conditions prevent work onsite.

Importance of On-Time Deliveries

Delayed deliveries can cause significant project scheduling issues and additional cost through highly-paid, skilled tradespeople being onsite and ready to work, but waiting for the right tools to arrive.  Equally, additional costs and fines can also arise from equipment arriving early and blocking public spaces. 

Above all, safety has to remain a top priority at every stage of the process.  Getting the right equipment to the right place at the right time is mission critical.

Capital Commitment

Speedy’s investment, in systems, equipment, people and logistics, ensure we have the capacity and capabilities to enable the success of customers’ projects, in this faster-paced world.

With our Capital Commitment promise, our commitment guarantees 4 hour or same-day delivery on our most popular products. And, if we fail to deliver on time (which based on our track record is unlikely), we'll actually give you a week's hire... for FREE.

For more information on our Capital Commitment promise visit speedyservices.com/capital-commitment

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