The proposed town of Northstowe has been given a major boost with the news that it has been recieved planning approval.

Northstowe is being billed as the biggest planned town since Milton Keynes with a major focus on green, sustainable technology, and the local Joint Development Committee has now approved the section 106 planning agreement in principle.

The Joint Promoters of Northstowe, which includes the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Gallagher Estates, claim the town will help contribute a good level of finance and an economic boost to the country and the news followed a full endorsement of a masterplan in July 2012.

A resolution was then granted for phase one in October of 2012, should a 106 planning agreement be secured, and now this will go ahead with the developers having major plans.

With sustainable development in mind, there will be 1,500 homes constructed as well as a primary school, shops, community facilities, employment land and also significant public open space.

The project is designed to showcase the benefit of creating neighbourhoods with excellent pedestrian links with the site able to boast close proximity to the successful Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.

This ensures that residents will be able to benefit from convenient bus routes to nearby locations such as Cambridge and Huntingdon.

Alan Joyner, executive director for Gallagher Estates and the man responsible for submitting the application for phase one, said the decision was a major boost for the project as a whole.

"We recognise how important this project is and that it has been a long time coming so we’re pushing forward as quickly as we can now to commence development on site as soon as possible," he said.

"The first priorities for all parties will include the completion of the legal and contractual procedures to enable outline planning permission to be issued for the first phase of Northstowe."

Terry Fuller, executive director for the HCA, added that the decision would help the new town "serve the needs of existing and future residents in every respect".

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