Guide to working safely with cement

The majority of major construction projects are likely to involve working with cement. It has long been used in the building industry and has many properties that make it ideal for constructing everything from small houses to towering office blocks.

As well as being easy to work with, it is fairly inexpensive and is extremely durable - you only have to look at the length of time buildings stand for to see how long cement can last.

Cement can also be used to create concrete, which is when sand, gravel or crushed stone - also known as aggregates - are added to a mixture of water and cement.

Its properties mean most construction companies will work with it at some point, whether they are a large organisation with thousands of workers, or a small firm that uses tool hire services and works on smaller-scale jobs.

As with many aspects of working on a building site, dealing with cement and concrete is not without its risks. Protective equipment is required and workers need to be properly trained to prevent incidents involving both themselves and other employees.

Contractors can use equipment hire services to ensure they have all the right tools to carry out the project to a high standard, while this guide will go over some of the associated issues in more detail. It will also discuss some of the matters building contractors have to be aware of when taking on a project that involves working with cement.

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