Speedy Hire's Heating Guide

When it is minus 5, don't be minus heating. Thanks to Speedy Hire's range of heating solutions, you can ensure your site is suitable heated wherever it is.

We have an extensive range of heating equipment available to hire, no matter what the weather throws at you. Choose from fan heaters, infrared heaters, convection heaters, and diesel heaters.

With over 350 of our most popular products available on a guaranteed 4-hour delivery, and 200 service centres nationwide, there's no need to look anywhere else for your high-quality tool hire equipment. Our Customer Solutions team can also source heating equipment for larger setups, so call them on 0345 600 3546 if you require large, energy-efficient heaters for your site or warehouse.





What Heating Output is Needed?

To work out the heating output required for your home, office, or warehouse you need to work out the room volume, multiplied by the required temperature difference and how insulated your room is:


Room length x room width x room height = room volume

Room volume x Required rise in temperature x Insulation factor (K)

Multiply by 4 for your required BTU


A well insulated house is 1.2K, Average insulation is 2.2K, Poor insulation (such as a warehouse) is 3.0K and No insulation is 4.0K.


So, a warehouse with poor insulation could be;

10m x 10m x 5m3 = 500m in volume

500m x 5C degrees x 3K = 7,500

7,500 x 4 = 30,000BTU.


Now you have your required BTU, you can browse our range of heating equipment to find the solution most suitable to your needs. If your requirement is larger than our individual heaters, you will need more than one heater to fill the space.

It is critical that warm air is dispersed throughout the entire workplace to ensure consistent temperatures. 


How do I cope with dense racking?

If your office or warehouse space is filled with dense racking for storage, warmer air can struggle to circulate. You need to choose a forced air rotation heating solution, which spreads the heat further thanks to fans and the pressure. 


Types of Portable Heating Solutions


1. Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are ideal for use in hospitals, shops, offices and schools, this cabinet heater has no naked flames thanks to the design of the front panel, which keeps the main burners safely out of reach. Important Notice: requires a gas cylinder which is supplied separately.

Features and Benefits of Cabinet Heaters

  • Variable heat settings
  • Piezo ignition
  • Castors for ease of movement
  • Portable
  • Flame failure device
  • No naked flames
  • Clean burning
  • Oxygen depletion system


Hire Cabinet Heaters


2. Convector Heaters

Convection heaters are one of the most efficient electric heaters they are very easy to use with 3 different heat settings and adjustable thermostat. This convector heater produces a 2000W heat output on full power, which makes it ideal for heating individual rooms.

Features and Benefits of Convector Heaters

  • Thermostat control with frost protection
  • 3 heat settings
  • Overheat safety cut out
  • Handles for easy carrying


Hire Convector Heaters


3. Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled radiators run on convection, they don’t have a fan and as the oil inside is heated they hold their heat.  Oil filled radiators are compact and feature castors for easy manoeuvrability, these heaters provide high heat output at variable temperatures ideal for both domestic and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits of Oil Filled Heaters

  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Thermostat control with frost protection
  • 3 heat settings
  • Overheat safety cut out
  • Handles for easy carrying


Hire Oil Filled Heaters


4. Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are small but powerful, our range boasts an incredible range of 2.8kW, 3kW, 18kW, 40kW output, some fan heaters can also be put on fan only to keep you cool on site during the summer months. Fan heaters are ideal for industrial and commercial environments such as warehouses and workshops.

Features and Benefits of Fan Heaters

  • Compact and highly portable
  • Thermostat control with frost protection
  • Overheat safety cut out
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Produces direction heat quickly
  • Provides clean and safe heat


Hire Fan Heaters


5. Bin Heaters

Industrial bin heaters are ideal for use in drying rooms and other areas for all round heating and drying. Bin heaters are designed to increase ventilation and air circulation in various environments.

Features and Benefits of Bin Heaters

  • No electric supply required
  • Excellent all-round heat
  • Great for drying out
  • Long lasting robust construction
  • Clean burning
  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • Flame failure security


Hire Bin Heaters


6. Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters have moulded handle and wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability. These heaters are ideally suited for spot heating in construction environments used for drying paintwork and plaster.

Features and Benefits of Infrared Heaters

  • Twin 1400W infra-red elements
  • 2 heat settings
  • Integral wheels for easy mobility
  • Robust plastic body


Hire Infrared Heaters


7. Propane Forced Air Heaters

Propane forced air heaters are commercial propane space heaters and are ideal for a wide range of applications including warehouses, workshops, building construction sites, renovations and agriculture. The air force can help to spread the warm air around a large space, including around racking and shelving units.

Features and Benefits of Propane Forced Air Heaters

  • Manual ignition
  • Regulator includes gas safety valve with thermocouple
  • Regulator and gas hose included
  • Motor with thermal protection
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Adjustable heat


Hire Propane Forced Air Heaters


8. Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are direct heaters built with a strong and robust construction featuring large wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Suitable for use in ventilated areas such as construction sites, workshops and warehouse spaces, our range of diesel heaters includes 21kW, 29kW, 44kW, 49kW output.

Features and Benefits of Diesel Heaters

  • Manual ignition
  • Regulator includes gas safety valve with thermocouple
  • Regulator and gas hose included
  • Motor with thermal protection
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Adjustable heat


Hire Diesel Heaters


9. Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are ceramic, compact, portable easy to move for instant heating solutions. Ideal for spot heating a range of industrial and workplace environments such as offices and workshops.

Features and Benefits of Radiant Heaters

  • 2 x 1,400W ceramic elements
  • 2 heat settings
  • Mechanical safety tilt device
  • Integral cable tidy
  • LED power on indicator


Hire Radiant Heaters 


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