2023 Home Décor Trends

Speedy has all of the home décor trends for 2023 that you need to know about.

While decorating every few months to fit in with seasonal interior design trends is likely a bit too far, if you’re looking at refreshing your home and bringing your décor trends bang up to date, Speedy has the trends you need to know below.

Whether you’re painting your living room, looking to invest in new furniture, or hoping to recycle current furniture, we’ve some ideas – as well as all of the tools you need to use, available to hire online and from over 200 depots around the UK.


6 Tips for Home Décor Inspiration for 2023


  1. Add a pop of colour

Greys are out. Neutrals are being rebelled against, too. Yes, colour is back.

While Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta, is maybe a step too far for most, it is unconventional and powerful—a sure sign that boldness is back.

You can hire a paint sprayer to add some colour to your walls in no time at all, which will instantly change up a room. Or, if you’re not prepared to make such radical changes, add colourful décor instead, such as cushions, vases, and artwork.

If you’re feeling brave, wallpaper your room (or at least one wall/the top half of your walls). This is how you can add a pattern.


  1. Bathroom retreating

Wellness and pampering are (finally) top of people’s to-do lists. Taking time for ourselves and looking after ourselves are needed and necessary.

So, make your bathroom a relaxing and inviting space, where you enjoy being alone for a little while. This means sticking you your personal taste, but if you need inspiration, consider 2023’s top bathroom trends – colour and patterns.

As above, the bathroom can be colourful too. Switch up accessories such as toilet roll holders and hand towels, or why not try completely retiling the walls if you’re feeling brave?

Chrome finishes are also out, with matte black in. Hire a drill if you need to hang new artwork or accessories on the walls.


  1. Focus on sustainability

You like your sideboard, as it is practical and still in great condition. But you want colourful furniture rather than hardwood now.

Not to worry. There is no need to replace furniture if it still works for you. Upcycling is much better for the planet and our purses.

So, hire a sander, paint with some base coat and your favourite shade of furniture paint, and purchase some new handles (or spray paint the existing handles).

Visit charity shops or browse online marketplaces if you want some accessories, to keep costs low and use what is already out there.


  1. Create socialisation spaces

While many of us thought we’d never want to spend another full day indoors after lockdown, trends have shown that we are more likely to spend an evening in than head out in 2023.

Entertaining and hosting at home seems to be getting more popular, with sales of dining sets increasing. Having a proper dining table is important if you’re going to host. If you don’t have space or a dedicated dining room, a bench-style table or an extendable table could be key.

After the meal, you’ll want to relax, so make your living room warm and inviting, yet practical for your everyday family life as well. Think storage, to keep toys out of sight, and the right lighting adds warmth.


  1. Declutter and minimise

Marie Kondo told us how to only keep hold of products which bring us joy. But when was the last time you had a good clear-out?

Hire a skip if you need to get rid of a lot which would require multiple trips to the waste tip in your car. It is quicker and easier, and we are responsible for collection and delivery.

We aren’t just talking about your living spaces. Sort clothes and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year. In the kitchen, bring everything out of the cupboards and sell or give away any gadgets you never use to make more room for practical items, such as Tupperware.

Is dusting a real chore for you? Think about uncluttering your sideboard and bookshelves so it doesn’t take as long to get the job done.

If there’s anything you want to keep for sentimental reasons, but don’t want on display, consider storing it in the loft. Talking of the loft, clear out here too, to make more storage space.


  1. Practical home office

If you’re still WFH full-time, you may wish to move from the sofa to a proper desk setup in the spare room or set aside a desk in the living room.

You may not have the space to dedicate an entire room to a home office, but you can still separate it. Your environment affects your state of mind, so it’s vital to separate work and home life.

Try to physically section off your desk so you don’t see it if you’re in bed or watching TV. Keep your workspace defined to one corner away from the focal point of the room (i.e., TV) or put it behind your sofa.

If you’re stuck for space and use a laptop, a foldaway desk could be useful, or a ladder desk which also looks just like shelving. Then, stow away your work things at the end of the working day.

If you want to keep everything defined to one wall, a long thin desk could work instead of a chunky corner desk. It is less obvious to the eye.

When taking a break, ensure you have somewhere else in your home to go, too.




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