Safety is paramount on a construction site. As well as taking the usual risks into consideration, those managing a project that involves the use of chemicals will also have to take the extra hazards into account when planning the work and ensuring the safety of all staff members.

This can be a large task and there is a great deal for site managers to take into consideration. There are numerous pieces of legislation to follow and the added hazards associated with the chemicals put extra pressure on those with a duty of care.

However, we here at Speedy are experts when it comes to health and safety and we are here to ensure nothing goes wrong on the building site by giving you all the support and extra advice you will need – which will also help to ensure you remain compliant at all times.

We are able to ensure good practice within a building organisation, no matter how big or small it is. We also help you to stay compliant using our compliance audits, which ensure you are able to keep up with what is a constantly changing sector of the law.

One of the potential chemicals construction companies may also have to deal with is asbestos and we offer compliance, protection and advice to help with removing it from buildings – something that can be very difficult if enterprises are unsure of their legal responsibilities in this area.

We are more than just a tool hire service and while providing you with all of the equipment you need, we can help with the running of your construction site as well.

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