As well as tool and equipment hire, we also offer emergency response services so that you know you can always rely on us when you need it.

Flooding can be disastrous on a building site, especially if it is unexpected and there is no time to make even the simplest of preparations in advance. Whether it is a river flood or a burst pipe, the consequences could have a major effect on the progress of a project and put back months of hard work and manual labour.

In the past, we used a fleet of 12 large diesel-powered pumps and 1.5km of hoses to remove water that was three feet deep at the Mythe Water Treatment Works to ensure the facility was up and running again as quickly as possible after heavy rainfall. This is the kind of service we could also deliver at your building site.

Engineers are available from Speedy 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are equipped with all of the tools and expertise necessary to help manage the issue. Pumps, generators, compressors, heaters, lighting towers and dehumidifiers are all available simply by calling Speedy at any time of day or night.

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