The government states that any scaffolding used for a construction project must come from a reputable scaffolding provider. You can contact your local council to discover which suppliers have been approved. Once you have your scaffolding, Speedy has all the extra items you need to ensure you complete your project safely and as quickly as possible. By using our equipment hire service, you can be safe in the knowledge you are using a high quality, reputable supplier that you can trust.

Only qualified builders should be used to erect the scaffolding, as it can be very dangerous if not done properly. You can also contact your local council if you need advice on any regulations that need to be considered during your construction scheme.

Speedy can offer you a 180 degree scaffold hoist capable of lifting 300kg. When you are working on scaffolding, it is essential you have a safe and reliable way of lifting heavy materials to the work area. Our equipment allows you to do this and is even versatile enough to be used in confined spaces. We can provide a 180 degree 200kg scaffold hoist, or a 360 degree 200kg hoist.

We also offer builders' gantry hoists capable of lifting 500kg or 950kg in instances when you are unable to utilise scaffolding. They are lightweight and very easy to use.

As well as equipment, we provide a safety advice and support service. Experts will come and visit your building site to ensure everything is being done correctly and you are compliant with the law. Policy in the construction industry changes all the time, so it is important you keep up to date and have someone who is knowledgeable in this area to support you if you are unsure. This is where the team at Speedy comes in.

There is one death a week on building sites in the UK and by using our safety management services, you can ensure this does not happen to you.

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