According to the Portland Cement Association, there are some basic items of equipment and protective clothing employees can use to protect themselves when working with cement or concrete on a building site.

The eyes and head are two of the most important parts of the body to protect and hard hats can go a long way to helping do this - no matter how large or small the construction project. These should be complemented by eye protection when working with cement or concrete because of the dust they can generate, as well as any splattering.

In some situations, full-cover goggles or safety glasses with side shields may be needed for extra protection. As well as wearing the correct equipment, it is important for employees to remain vigilant at all times and be alert to potential dangers - protecting themselves will do no good if they are still taking risks and putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Similarly, it is also important for workers to protect their skin as fresh concrete can cause chemical burns and skin irritation. If the skin is in contact with concrete for a prolonged period of time it can even lead to third-degree burns, so adequate protection is vital to avoid potentially serious injury.

Protective clothing is essential and it is important workers do not allow this to become saturated with moisture from fresh concrete as it can still transfer alkaline or hygroscopic effects to the skin. Boots should be worn when standing in fresh concrete while it is being placed or floated, with workers ensuring they are tall enough to prevent the liquid from spilling over the top.

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