5 Ways to Add Colour to Your Garden

It is really simple to add colour to your garden ready for the nicer weather, and below we show you how.

Colourful accents are the perfect way to add vibrance to our outdoor space.

Spring and summer are approaching. We’ve spent enough time indoors, so now we are looking forward to al fresco dining and catching the rays.

But if you’re starting with a new build blank canvas, or you feel your garden is looking a bit bare and boring, you might want to revitalise your outdoor space.

Whether you have a yard or a grassed area, a balcony or a section of decking, there are so many ways to add colour to your outdoor space.


Before You Begin

Remember, safety first. If working in the garden, always wear PPE.

Eye protection and gloves are a must. You should also cover any bare skin when working with tools or painting.

You’ll need to wear a mask if using a paint sprayer or working with other fumes/chemicals, too.

Some other tips:

  • Have a look at sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration before you dive in
  • Carry out the prep work. As well as hiring the tools you need from Speedy, clear your garden and remove debris so you’re working with a clear, safe space
  • When adding colour to your garden, you don’t have to go bold. Pastel greens and blues also work and can be more calming
  • It can be good to stick to a colour pallet so your garden flows, but you can always change things up next year if you want to be brave and something doesn’t quite work.


How to easily add colour to a garden


  1. Colourful boundaries

Walls don’t have to be boring grey stone or red brick. Masonry paint is brilliant at transforming stonework, and you can get the job done in less than a few hours using a paint sprayer.

The same applies to painting garden fencing if you pick outdoor wood paint, with panels able to be covered in less than a day.

You can choose a colour such as white if you want to keep things muted but add some brightness, or you can go all out and pick blue, pink, green, or any other colour under the sun!

This will help lift your entire space and gives you a great foundation to work with. It is also cheap, as you only have the paint to buy and a paint sprayer to hire.

Remember that boundaries can also include sheds, trellis, and even plant border edging.

If you get bored of it by next year, it can also be painted over.

View our video on how to use a paint sprayer here.


  1. Paint your patio

Yes, you can paint your patio slabs and stones! It works just the same as painting walls.

It is a cheap and non-disruptive way to transform your ground space versus replacing slabs. Grey concrete can be turned white, which will also help with catching and trapping the heat. All manner of fun colours is available, though.

You can also be brave and have a go at stencilling, or even using block colour.

Just remember to properly prepare and clean your patio using a pressure washer and good old yard brush, removing all debris, and also use a sealant to prevent it from chipping over time and in bad weather.

If your patio is decking, the same applies. Wood is really easy to paint, or you can stain it a lighter colour if preferred.


  1. Add accents

If you have the storage space to keep everything dry over winter, why not furnish your outdoor space as you would your living room?

We are talking about outdoor rugs, cushions, and colourful seat covers on chairs. Citronella candles on the table in colourful jars, or even a brand-new bistro table set if you don’t already have one.

If you do have furniture that’s still in good condition, why not have a go at painting it to be a bit more vibrant?!

Even things like bunting, or a colourful insect box, can add eye-catching modifications.


Flowers are an ideal, cheap way to add various colours


  1. Add dramatic bedding plants

Whether your bedding plants can be planted into the ground, need to be in raised beds, or need to be in pots, there are so many plants out there which can add vibrancy.

Seasonal bedding plants are cost-effective from local garden centres or online. Flowers such as begonias and geraniums come in so many colours, and you can also buy hardy perennials if you want them to bloom year after year.

Even leafy shrubs can add some vibrancy, with bright light greens and purples, or flowering varieties which will give you a month or so of blooms.

If you use pots or raised beds, also consider painting these to add further colour.


  1. Colourful pots

As mentioned, there’s no reason your pots have to be boring. If you can afford terracotta pots, these are easy to paint, but the cheapest plastic pots can also be painted using outdoor paint if you don’t mind touching them up every year.

Pots can also be bought with patterns and colours on them. Just be sure you have storage space for any which are clay or other similar materials over winter, as they are susceptible to frost.

Pots can also be customised with all sorts of materials, from sequins and ribbons to seashells and stones.




Don’t stop here. There are countless things you can do to transform your garden, from building a brick wall if you want to separate your grass and patio spaces, to laying decking.

If you can do it yourself, we have you covered. With loads of inspiration and how-to’s, trust Speedy to help you.

You’ll find all the power tools and hire equipment you need right here, why not start planning your next DIY project today and open a Speedy account online or in-store for all your tool hire needs.


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