Getting Rid of Waste for Free

Something in your home is dated, past its best or simply doesn’t work anymore. So, you need to dispose of it properly before buying or installing its replacement.

If you have to buy a replacement, you’ve already shelled out money, so will want to try and keep additional costs (such as disposal) low. Luckily, you have a few options, but depending on how much waste you have and what it is, you may be best paying for disposal or hiring a skip to get the job done safely and reliably.




1. Take it to the recycling centre

Most towns will have a local recycling centre or tip. If you take your waste to these yourself, in a car, you can usually dispose of it for free.

Try to use a car, as opposed to a van. Many recycling centres will class vans as businesses, even if you aren’t one.

Most materials will be turned into something else, whether it is wood or plastic. If you’ve never been before, you may be surprised at just what can be thrown in a recycling skip.


2. Reuse, regift, repurpose

If you’ve owned that side table for 5 years, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have life in it or wouldn’t still be of use to somebody else.

If it is just the colour that doesn’t suit your newly decorated abode, why not try sanding it down and painting it? This can turn pine furniture into colourful or modern options. Perfect for wooden furniture, such as side tables and TV cabinets.

Could you adapt it? A bookcase can be fitted with hinged doors for more of a cabinet feel, and a chest of drawers could be repurposed to make a really lovely entrance hall stand.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you’re not a dab hand at DIY or have your heart set on something newer, give it away. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Freecycle are just some commonly used resell and recycle sites.

Talking of reselling—if it’s something still in great condition, even £10 could easily go towards your new furniture. Have a look if anyone is selling anything similar, and how much for. You could be surprised at what people pay.

Ask any buyers to collect it themselves. This way not only is it staying out of landfill, but it also costs you nothing to get rid of.

If it’s appliances you’re concerned about, again these can be given away to someone if they’re in good condition. It could be a real saving grace to anyone whose fridge has just given up overnight.


3. Council collections

Some councils will take small recyclables during bin collections. This includes appliances such as toasters, microwaves and kettles which are no good to you anymore. Check your council website for all of the details.

Councils can also arrange to collect larger items, from appliances to sofas if you book online or phone them to book a collection. Be aware this service usually does charge, but there can be exemptions in place depending on the item and your circumstances, so it is worth checking first.


4. Hire a skip

While not free per se, skips allow you to get rid of so much stuff for a one-off cost. Sometimes, you can include a mix of items, from general household waste to furniture.

If you’re unsure of whether skip hire is right for you, give Speedy Skip Hire a call on 0345 600 3546 to enquire about hiring a skip.

We have a wide range of skips available and will be happy to give you more information.


Why you should be wary of free disposal

It costs businesses to use the local recycling centre and tip. They need to be registered to dispose of waste and will be able to give you a waste transfer notice to prove that they’ve correctly disposed of the goods.

Is somebody offering you free collection and disposal? In some cases, scrap metal can be used and sold on from appliances, such as ovens and washing machines. This will get the waste company some money for their service. But you still need to get a waste disposal note and talk to them about what they do with the rest of the item.

If they can’t give you this, be wary. It could just be fly tipped. This is a serious issue in the UK, and even though it wasn’t you who did the fly-tipping, you’re still responsible seeing you didn’t do the proper checks on the waste disposal company.

To be on the safe side, unless it is through your local council, always try to arrange your own disposal. A trusted skip company such as us here at Speedy will sort all of your waste out when it arrives at the waste management facility, so not only is it really easy for you to get rid of, but you also don’t have to do any of the sorting out!

For many who need to get rid of a lot of mixed general waste items, this will be the easiest and cheapest option.


Is There Skip Hire Near Me?

Thank you for reading our blog on how to get rid of your waste for free.

Please contact Speedy Skip Hire today on 0345 600 3546 to enquire about hiring a skip, which will likely be your best option if there is a lot to get rid of.

At Speedy we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know. 

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