How to Stay Safe When Working at Height

Speedy have a huge range of towers, ladders and scaffolding available to hire or purchase. Speedy Training are experts in showcasing good practice why tower safety is crucial and how to stay safe when working at height with mobile access towers, prefabricated tower scaffolds and low-level work platforms.

With over 16 years’ experience in the training industry, our lead PASMA trainer at Speedy Services, Paul Burnett, is no stranger to working at height, especially when it comes to using mobile towers and access platforms safely.

Please read our blog to find out Paul’s best tips on how to stay safe when working at height:


TIP 1. Always use towers which conform to EN 1004-1.

EN 1004-1 is the standard for all Mobile Access Towers made of Prefabricated Elements. EN 1004-1 ensures all materials used are designed and manufactured to minimum safety standard.

EN1004-1 takes into consideration the materials used to fabricate, overturning, and loading of the towers, platforms, and side protection.


TIP 2. Always use the current version of the manufacturers’ manual when assembling, dismantling, altering, or using mobile towers.

Each manufacturer has its own manual for safe sequences to assemble and dismantling mobile towers, always use the manual that matches your tower.

Manuals will advise you on the safe working load of the tower, maximum height, and specific technical information.


TIP 3. Make sure the brakes are always engaged when building/dismantling a tower, they are only removed when moving the tower.

Ensuring no movement keeps everyone safe when assembling the tower.

Always check the brakes are not faulty, make sure there is no movement when the tower brakes are engaged.

Brakes should only be unlocked when moving the tower.


Check the safe working load of the castor making sure it is the correct one for the job.


TIP 4. Never stand on an unprotected platform.

The minimum guardrail height for a protected edge is 950mm, this is average waist height. Having a rail at a minimum of 950mm on a platform increases safety from falling over the rail due to us having a lower centre of gravity than the rail.

Guardrails should never have a gap of more 470mm this is to prevent slipping through.



TIP 5. Always ensure the tower is level.

Use a spirit level on all four sides of the tower making any necessary adjustments to the adjustable legs to compensate for uneven ground.

Never use the adjustable legs to gain additional height to the tower!


TIP 6. Toe boards must be fitted to all working platforms.

Toe boards are a preventive measure to stop items falling from the platform. Minimum required height is 150mm.

Toe boards increase the safety for others below the working platform, falling items can cause more damage than you might think!


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