The TuffTruk Mini Dumper

Mini dumpers can be a crucial part of any site work which involves heavy lifting and carrying. When trying to carry out manual lifting in the safest and quickest way, some help will likely be required.

The TuffTruk BENDie EB500 Mini Dumper from TRUXTA is versatile, innovative and easy for anyone to use. A walk-behind model, it is compact to use on smaller work sites and easy to get started and brake.




A mini dumper is an ideal solution for professionals and DIYers. Whether carrying out gardening renovations or preparing for a building job, a mini dumper or powered wheelbarrow can literally help lift the load and get you from A to B in a safe manner.


Why Choose the TuffTruk BENDie EB500?


The BENDie EB500 is perfect for use in domestic and small-scale professional settings. A lot of what makes it great is down to its electric power.

Easy to start up, there’s no pull start mechanism—just initiate the button and turn the key. The days of using fuel and choke start engines are a thing of the past.

Because there’s no fuel, there are no emissions and virtually no noise. This makes it ideal to use in domesticated settings where noise pollution is an issue for long periods, or where serious low environmental targets are required.

A built-in motor brake system means you can stop it easily when needed, which increases safety and productivity, and it’s easy to reverse which suits smaller, cramped conditions.

With 4x4 wheels and a steering pivot driving system, you won’t struggle to navigate corners or keep everything in a straight line. Get ultimate manoeuvrability for the compact size, and a multi-position handle.


Zero Emission Battery Power

Battery is no longer the lesser power type. As well as the above benefits, you get an incredible 8 hours of runtime on a single charge with the TuffTruk BENDie EB500. When hiring from Speedy, your charge lead is provided.

This should give you plenty of run time, whether on a professional site or working at home.

There’s also enhanced safety provided by a regenerative braking system, which slows the TuffTruk down before coming to a complete stop; this generates power back into the battery pack, to increase efficiency and range.


Maximum Versatility

As well as the 4x4 driving making for easy navigation, the 3ft/850mm wide EB500 model is a versatile machine which can also be used indoors and will be able to fit through broader doorways. This makes it one of the narrower options on the market.

It is compact enough to store after use, and easily transportable if you have to cover a lot of ground over multiple sites.

The heavy-duty poly-skip will be able to hold heavy items like bricks and rubble, without risking damage or incident. The safe working load of 500kg


Hire the TuffTruk Today

The TuffTruk BENDie EB500 can be hired from Speedy Services today, available online, in local depots or through the app.




Hiring a mini dumper will help keep costs low, and you won’t have issues with storage long-term. All of our hire products are checked before they go out, so you’re getting a working machine with no hefty repair bills, either.

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