To put it simply, yes.                                    

The HSE states that if you are an employer or a self-employed worker then you are legally required to carry out an assessment of the health and safety risks in the workplace.

It's firmly written down in law, as you may expect, as the purpose of the assessment is to properly highlight what needs to be done in order to control health and safety risks.

This relates to regulation three of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

However, it's worth remembering, that you only need to record the assessment if you have five or more employees on your books.

A risk assessment can often strike fear into the hearts of businesses for fear that they are going to be named and shamed for their workplace practices but the reality is often very different.

It's not a case of criticising and making companies feel bad, it's about being pro-active and realising the danger held within an office before then sorting it.

There are plenty of resources available at the HSE website to allow businesses to save time and increase efficiency in their risk assessment.

That's not to say it should be rushed though. A thorough and accurate risk assessment can go a long way to securing the safety of staff in a variety of companies and industries up and down the UK.

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