How To Mow a Lawn


Mowing your lawn is a great way to prepare your garden ready to sit back and enjoy those long summer days and nights with friends and family, around the BBQ or relaxing in the hot tub.

Mowing supports green and healthy grass, helping to reduce weeds and coaxes your lawn to grow more and keeps it looking lovely and lush, using a petrol lawnmower is a great way to cut your lawn.

Keep your garden in tip-top condition by investing time and effort into your garden maintenance. Read our blog to find out what tools and steps you need to mow a lawn.


What tools do I need to mow a lawn?



Grass strimmer


What Safety and PPE equipment do I need?

  • Eye protection
  • Safety boots
  • Gloves
  • Ear protection


Before you use a lawnmower or grass strimmer it’s really important that you wear the correct PPE, safety boots and gloves are essential, and we’d also recommend that ear protection is worn when using any petrol-powered equipment.

Keep materials and sharp tools out of children’s and pets reach and remember to always check the operators and safety guidance before using any hire equipment.


Preparing your lawn

Before you begin mowing, walk around your lawn and remove any stones, twigs, pet waste or any other obstructions that could cause damage the lawnmower by hand first and dispose of correctly.

We recommend hiring a petrol lawnmower, Makita PLM4631 self-propelled mulching lawnmowers are great for lawns of up to 1400m², with cutting heights of 20-75mm with 8 centralised stepping.

Equipped with a large 60 litre grass box with a grass level indicator ensures you spend less time emptying the grass cuttings, saving you lots of valuable DIY time.


Steps to mow a lawn


Step 1: Mow in dry weather

We recommend that you always mow your lawn in dry weather as lawn mower blades will cut better when it's dry and won't clog up with wet grass.


Step 2: Set up the lawnmower

Read the operators and safety guidance booklet which comes with your hire lawn mower to learn how to set up and use your lawnmower correctly and safely.


Speedy Top Tip! Please Watch our How-To Use a Lawnmower Video.


Step 3: Start mowing

Mow up and down in straight lines ensuring you just overlap and don't leave any clumps of grass behind, if you have an irregular lawn start in the middle with a straight line across mowing one side at a time.


Step 4: Repeat the mowing process

Repeat the mowing process until you have the desired effect and have finished all your lawn area. Finish off by mowing around the perimeter with the lawnmower, this will tidy up any marks that may have been made by turning the lawn mower around.


Step 5: Finish off with a trim

Once you've finished mowing all the lawn, smarten up the edges by using a grass strimmer power tool to get at any of the remaining grass that the lawnmower couldn’t reach.


Step 6: Time to clean up

Clean up any clippings and empty the grass box correctly either on your compost heap or in your compost bin, it all helps the environment.


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