Speedy is pleased to announce the purchase of 273 ex Hewden VB9 and VT Hybrid lighting towers from Generac Mobile Products UK Limited (‘Generac’).


Formerly part of the Hewden lighting fleet, the towers remained under the ownership of Generac when Hewden entered Administration on 22 November 2016.  Generac have now reached an agreement with the Administrators of Hewden and subsequently Speedy for the purchase of these units. The lighting towers enhance Speedy’s fleet, ensuring more of our customers can power through the remaining winter months.


The VB9 and VT Hybrid LED lighting towers offer the latest LED lighting technology, delivering energy efficiency and environmental benefits. The purchase is in addition to a recent investment in 200 super sustainable VB9+ LED lighting towers, underpinning Speedy’s strong relationship with Generac. 


For those towers already on hire to Hewden customers, Speedy is responsible for all ongoing hire contracts from 13 December 2016.  Customers will be contacted during January to make any necessary arrangements and assure continuity of service.


For more information on the VB9 and VT Hybrid range, visit www.speedyservices.com/winter

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