Safety in the workplace is a constantly changing issue and RPE is no different.

That's why it's important to have a sufficient system in place to deal with any changes that may come in and affect how you do things as a company.

The HSE states clearly that "an effective system of maintenance for RPE is essential", as this ensures that the "equipment continues to provide the degree of protection for which it is designed".

It continues: "Maintenance may include cleaning, examination, replacement, repair and testing.

"The wearer may be able carry out simple maintenance (e.g. cleaning), but more intricate repairs should be carried out by a competent person."

Most workforces will have some sort of operation that will require RPE so it's not something that can be ignored or taken lightly.

Ensure you have systems in place to ensure the continued maintenance of this process and both you and your workers will be able to work free of the threat of respiratory illness.

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