When regularly using lifting equipment it is vital that it is well cared for and maintained.

The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 state that employers must maintain their workplace and equipment in an efficient state, good working order and in good repair.

Maintenance involves repairing, replacing, servicing, inspecting and testing any equipment regularly to ensure that it is in good working order. Good maintenance helps to eliminate workplace hazards, however, not taking proper care of equipment can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems.

Lifting equipment should receive an initial thorough examination, which is normally carried out by the manufacturer and should be inspected at yearly intervals following that. Equipment which is used to lift people needs to be subject to more regular checks and should be examined every six months.

There needs to a clear and thorough procedure for maintaining the equipment and the person who receives the reports needs to understand their contents and how to action any repairs needed.

When hiring lifting equipment you should check the equipment's inspection record.

All documents relating to equipment maintenance should be kept for future reference and in case they are requested by inspectors.

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