Most people would agree that approaching the end of your fifth decade would be an appropriate time to start formulating plans for retirement and taking things easy, but one Harverfordwest man is defying the status quo by getting ready to complete in this month’s Iron Man triathlon. 

Malcolm Clash, a 58-year-old depot manager for Speedy Services, has been involved in a rigorous training programme for several months ahead of his 140 mile triathlon, in which athletes have to complete long distance swim, bike ride and run across Pembrokeshire.

Renowned for his love of life and positive attitude, Malcolm has enlisted the help of his employers Speedy Services to sponsor his race and raise funds for Diabetes UK.

In recent years Malcolm has seen three people in his work and family life be diagnosed with type one and type two diabetes.

Malcolm said: “Diabetes means that people have to completely adjust their way of living, and that can be very difficult. Two of my Speedy work colleagues, Glyn Mathias and Giulio Cosiello, were diagnosed with the condition and had a period of transition.

“But more recently the 13-year-old son of a family friend, George Incledon, was told he had type one diabetes, which means he has to be on insulin injections for the rest of his life.

“I just thought it would be worth trying to raise some money for an organisation like Diabetes UK, who do a fantastic job at keeping people with the condition informed on how to adjust their lifestyle.”

Having previously raced in marathons and long-distance runs just to keep fit and healthy, Malcolm informed his employers about his cause and was delighted to find that the UK’s leading rental equipment and support services provider helped raise awareness through Facebook and Twitter.  

Dylan Owen, manager at Speedy Services, said: “Malcolm has impressed everybody at Speedy with his levels of enthusiasm and dedication for years, so no one was surprised when he informed us that he was participating in Iron Man Wales, it’s just in his nature!

“We wish him the best of luck for the Iron Man triathlon in Wales and are proud to be supporting him raise funds for Diabetes UK.”

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