Health and safety on a construction site is the responsibility of building and construction firms - and this includes the potential dangers that can be created by flooding.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) explains that sites must be kept clear and tidy, structures should be safe and well supported and trenches cannot collapse, putting people at risk of falling into them. When it comes to water, precautions could include ensuring there is adequate drainage when necessary and checking water is not allowed to build up into large puddles, keeping walkways and exits clears and accessible.

Steps can be taken to prevent flooding as a result of burst pipes, especially during extremely cold winter weather when there is a chance of them freezing and bursting. By running water through them, contractors can prevent still water from solidifying and expanding.

The thorough training of workers so they are aware of how to do their job safely is also essential and the responsibility of the managing company, the HSE adds.

If a site is flooded, either through natural causes or a burst pipe, the water will need to be pumped out using industrial pumps and hoses.

The company responsible for managing the development should also have emergency evacuation procedures in place so that workers are able to exit the construction site as quickly and easily as possible.

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