What to Do in the Garden in May

May sees the end of spring, but the threats of frost and damp weather aren’t over just yet. Worry not; our monthly gardening guides give you a breakdown of what to do in the garden and when.

Despite us not quite being in summer yet, there is still plenty to do.


  1. Start to mow lawns weekly or fortnightly

You should have already done the first cut or two of your lawn. From May, lawnmowing should be done weekly or fortnightly.

How often depends on how long you want to keep the grass and the quality of your grass. Less frequent mowing will help keep the lawn healthier if it is struggling to grow just yet, but if your lawn is in good condition, weekly mowing promotes a denser turf and reduces weeds.



  1. Or take part in No Mow May

May is the month you will start to see more wildlife in your garden. Bees and butterflies are common, birds will be trying to feed on bugs, and moths will be out at night.

The long grass, with weeds and wildflowers dotted in amongst the blades, provides all of this wildlife with shelter, food sources, and moisture at night if there is dew.

So, if you can go a month without cutting your grass and take part in No Mow May, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of visitors. Just check the grass before you do finally mow it in June.

At the very least, you can leave a section of your lawn uncut.


  1. Plant out summer bedding

Wait until near the end of the month if you still have a risk of frost, but this is the month to at least prepare for your summer bedding plants.

From raised beds and borders to hanging baskets, now is the ideal time to add the colour and vibrancy your garden has sorely missed over winter.

If the ground is feeling a bit hard or the soil is clumpy, you might want to rotavate it first. This will churn up the soil and improve drainage to promote growth and root health.

It is now also time to plant out tender annuals, such as sunflowers and sweet peas.


  1. Prepare your seating areas

As well as the actual gardening, you want to start enjoying the garden. If you’re not able to sit out in the garden just yet, you definitely will be able to from June onwards. So, prep now.

Use a pressure washer to clean your seating area, whether this is decking or patio stones.

If you have wooden garden furniture, read our guide on how to restore it after a harsh winter. You’ll need a sander and some soapy water—remember to wear eye protection and gloves when sanding.

Apply wood treatment to all wooden furniture, such as sheds, this month too.


  1. Pay attention to your veg garden

You should start to see everything thriving this month. But this also means you need to start checking everything daily:

  • Earth-up potatoes, covering the shoots as they appear
  • Sow beans and peas
  • Thin out anything sowed previously to encourage strong crops, such as carrots
  • Remove strawberry runners to give the plants full strength. Plant separately
  • Water crops such as tomatoes and courgettes regularly now the weather is warming

You also need to check all plants regularly for pests now. Snails, caterpillars, aphids, and beetles can all be seen this month.




Hopefully, you’re now set up to do all of your garden jobs for May.

Please check out our Gardening Projects page for further inspiration.

Plus, there are plenty more tips and how-to guides, please visit our Skills and Projects page.

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