Exclusive to Speedy: Milwaukee MX Fuel™ CP203 3.0Ah Battery

Speedy Services are proud to be the sole UK hire destination of the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range of battery-powered tools, an innovative collection of low carbon, low fume power tools for use on-site.

The batteries used in these tools leverage the best performing, highest quality lithium-ion technology, and with Milwaukee’s REDLINK™ technology, the batteries communicate with the tools to get the best performance possible out of both components.

There are two batteries in the MX Fuel™ range: the CP203 and XC406. The latter is seen as the more powerful option, for longer run times and better performance. But the MX Fuel™ CP203 battery, which we will talk about below, is the lightweight, quicker-to-charge alternative which is great for handheld tools requiring high levels of accuracy.


Why choose the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ CP203 3.0Ah Battery?

As mentioned, the CP203 weighs just 2.7kg in comparison to the 4.8kg that the XC406 weighs. This will make a notable difference when fitted in handheld tools which have minimal support other than your hold.

Therefore, the CP203 is ideal if used in something like the cut-off saw. With the dedicated MX Fuel™ charger, it takes just 55 minutes to charge versus the 90 minutes required for the XC406, which is ideal if time is an issue. How long it lasts depends on the tool used, job performed and power setting, but expect it to last long enough to charge up its replacement at the very least. This means no downtime on the task at hand.

Aside from this, both batteries share the same great qualities. There’s a handle for carrying, a rubber shock-absorbing protection mould, and a casing to protect against water, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

REDLINK™ Intelligence also provides industry-leading communication between the battery and the tool, and the battery and the charger when it is on charge.

Battery vs. traditional fuel

Anything which uses a battery rather than mains power to operate is cordless. When it comes to power tools, this means that the tools can reach where corded alternatives can’t. You may be working on a remote site, or somewhere without sufficient power sources. Battery-powered cordless tools, such as the MX Fuel™ range, are ideal in these situations.

You can use cordless fuel-powered tools, which use diesel or petrol to operate. However, it takes time to maintain these fuels, and a lot of space to store them. With the MX Fuel™ range, you simply charge the battery and swap it when required.

This is quicker, easier and a lot more modern than using fuel. Plus, unlike petrol or diesel, no fumes are given off as a by-product. This isn’t only cleaner, but safer. Ideal if you have low carbon targets to meet. The MX Fuel™ range can be used in smaller, confined spaces with ease.

You may be thinking that there are other battery-powered tools on the market, so why choose Milwaukee’s MX range? Well, battery power can notoriously be less powerful than the fuel alternatives, which is why diesel is commonly the chosen power source for high-end tools.

However, the MX Fuel™ range is on par with the petrol and diesel alternatives on the market, offering you the benefits of battery while still giving the best performance and time management possible.


Hire the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range

The entire Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range, including the cut off saw, diamond core drill, and demolition hammer, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With a UK-wide network of depots and delivery options, zero-emission, battery-powered tools have never been easier to hire for your job at hand. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.


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