Exclusive To Speedy: Milwaukee MX Fuel™ MXF C Fast Battery Charger

The new Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range of power tools is innovative, powerful, and available to hire exclusively from Speedy Services. With a UK-wide delivery and depot network, it is really simple to hire the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range, as well as any other dedicated equipment you need for the job.

Using battery power, they make working on site smoother and easier, while allowing you to meet low carbon emission and fume targets. All without foregoing any power, technique, or performance. But for the batteries to charge, you need a charger.

The MX Fuel™ MXF C Fast Battery Charger is a dedicated platform for the MX Fuel™ MXF CP203 and MXF CP406 batteries. It is packed with loads of innovative features which help keep charge time low and make using the battery pack quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

Below, we will go into more detail about why the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ charger offers users a new way of powering their range of tools.

Why the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ XC406 6.0Ah Charger stands out

There are two battery options with all MX Fuel™ products: the CP203 and the XC406.

The MXF CP203 battery pack gives users a lighter, easier-to-use solution. It can be fully charged in 55 minutes using the charger. The MXF XC406 battery pack can be charged in 90 minutes and gives users an incredible amount of power and performance for more difficult tasks.

The entire MX Fuel™ range is equipped with REDLINK™ intelligence, which helps each unique product perform in the best possible way when it comes to the task at hand. With the battery, it can help to optimise the charge rate (4.5 A/h) for each battery to minimise charge time.

It does this by analysing the cell voltage, temperature, and capacity of the battery. There is also an internal fan which helps optimise charging time and performance too. It keeps the unit cooler, reducing the risk of overheating.

There’s a carry handle for easy transportation to the site, and it can be wall-mounted if you want to set up a dedicated area for the charging to take place. The charger will alert the user when the battery is 80% charged, which gives them sufficient time to get the job done without waiting any longer.

The CP takes 30 minutes to reach this stage and the XC 55 minutes. This is a substantial saving, which is perfect for finishing off tasks before the end of the day.


Hire the Milwaukee MX Fuel range

The entire Milwaukee MX Fuel range, including the demolition hammercut-off saw and diamond core drill, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With a UK-wide network of depots and delivery options, zero-emission tools have never been more accessible or readily available. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.

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