Exclusive To Speedy: Milwaukee MX Fuel™ XC406 6.0Ah Battery

Speedy Services are the only UK hire destination for the MX Fuel™ range of battery-operated power tools. It is an exciting new range of products in the tool industry, with battery power enabling cleaner working, lower carbon emissions and cutting out the need for fuel maintenance.

The Milwaukee MX Fuel™ batteries can provide AC power in a compact, portable battery pack. They can be used across the entire range of MX Fuel™ tools, so whatever you need for the job, one of these batteries can provide hours of work.

Milwaukee has two batteries available in the MX Fuel™ range: the XC and the CP. The latter is perfect for handheld applications, where weight and mobility are essential to a job well done.

But below, we will talk about the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ XC406 battery, which gives the user maximum runtime and performance for those jobs which need an extra push.


Why the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ XC406 6.0Ah Battery stands out

There are other cordless, battery-operated tools on the market. It is a rapidly growing sector, expected to grow further in the next few years. So, what it is that makes the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range stand out?

Firstly, the battery-powered range gives the user the same power as traditional fuels. While other battery tools can have lower performance in terms of power output and running time, Milwaukee’s battery range is actually just as great as the leading fuel alternatives available for hire.

MX Fuel™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries utilise a design to protect against liquid drops, vibration, water, and extreme temperatures as well. They can operate as low as -28.0°, and the REDLINK™ electronic power management system continuously communicates with the tool, so the power output and durability are always in balance.

The XC406 in particular has a short 90-minute charge time, which means the one you’re currently using won’t have run out by the time the next one is ready. How long it lasts depends on the tool it is used in, and the power settings, but there is an onboard battery fuel gauge so you can always check and be prepared for swapping it out.

There is also an alert which informs you when the battery is 80% charged, which gives you enough power for finishing off any jobs without waiting for a full charge.

An integrated handle on the battery means it can be carried separately to the tools. Rubber over mould will protect it from shocks, drops and vibrations when in use, ensuring you get the maximum performance at all times, for a long time.

Battery power vs. traditional fuel

Why choose battery power over fuels such as petrol and diesel? Firstly, a battery just needs charging. There’s no need to maintain fuel, store it or transport it to a site. When the battery runs out of power, simply swap it out to one which is fully charged.

Battery power is also cleaner. No fumes are given off, allowing the user to meet low carbon emission targets and work towards net zero objectives. This also means longer working times in enclosed spaces with less health risk, as there’s no risk of fuel fume inhalation. This could apply to indoor work, trenches or underground.

A battery doesn’t require power cables when in use, either. Cordless operations mean no need for adaptors, extension leads and generators when working in more remote areas.


Hire the Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range

The entire Milwaukee MX Fuel™ range, including the cut-off saw, demolition hammer, and diamond core drill, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With a UK-wide network of depots and delivery options, zero-emission tools have never been more accessible or readily available. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.


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