Exclusive from Speedy: Milwaukee MX FUEL™ Cordless Diamond Core Drill


Speedy Services are proud to be the exclusive UK hire destination for the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range, an innovative collection of cordless, battery-powered tools which gives operators the same high performance as traditional petrol alternatives.

Battery power has other endless benefits, too. The MX FUEL™ range is low carbon, giving users the ability to meet low emissions targets as we move towards net zero. As there is still the same capability as corded, petrol and diesel products, you don’t lose out on productivity levels, time, project costs, or quality.

All this, without having to spend time refuelling, or taking time out due to fumes, noise, and vibrations.

The Milwaukee MX FUEL™ DCD150 Cordless Diamond Core Drill is just one of the tools in the range. Below, we explain why this innovative member of the MX FUEL™ range is well worth considering if you’re looking to hire a diamond core drill.

Speedy Services has a UK-wide network of delivery options and local depots, so hiring any of these cordless, powerful, battery-powered tools for use on-site is trouble-free and can work around your needs.

How does the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ DCD150 Cordless Diamond Core Drill perform?

A diamond core drill is a form of core drilling which uses a rotary drill with a diamond-studded steel tube bit. This bit gives the user precisely measured holes. As diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world, a diamond core drill can create holes in a wide variety of materials, including concrete, metal, and glass, without damage or issue.

Every diamond drill runs water through the driving shaft, which keeps everything cool and dust-free. The MX FUEL™ DCD150 is no different. However, it can also be used dry if required. This Milwaukee drill has a maximum drill core capacity of 152mm, both wet and dry.

There are two speeds, the first allowing you to drill from 25 up to 75mm and coring to 1600 rpm. Speed 2 has a 76 to 152mm diameter, coring to 800rpm. This variety makes it suitable for a range of applications.

The vibration drilling uncertainty reading is 1.5 M\S² [HAVS], which is lower than a lot of the other diamond core drills on the market.

The system works for hand-held or rig-based coring. There’s an onboard level sensor which directs the user to a straight-line accurate finish while drilling horizontally. The patented AUTOSTOP™ clutch will prevent the drill bit from over-rotating if there is not enough material, or if the user loses control, which increases operator safety.

And, the 360° adjustable side handle gives the user personalised comfort, while giving them the power to control the water and dust output. There’s also an onboard pressure gauge which allows you to monitor the drilling speed, giving you the ability to get the best performance out of the product.

Milwaukee MX FUEL™ DCD150 Cordless Diamond Core Drill

The power of battery

Battery-powered tools can now give users the same performance as petrol and diesel-fueled tools, without the unpleasantness. There’s no need to manually refuel for a start; the battery simply needs to be swapped out when it runs out of charge.

The MX FUEL™ range has two battery options. The CP203 battery recharges in 45 minutes and the XC406 battery recharges in 90 minutes.

There’s also no need to maintain any petrol on-site, which can be frustrating. Common hazards which come with petrol, such as high levels of fumes, noise, and vibration, are eliminated. Yet, you still have the same level of capability. This is what makes the MX FUEL™ range such an innovative choice.

There’s an onboard battery gauge to give you a clear picture of how much power is left, taking out the guesswork and allowing you to plan ahead. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density to give you more power in a smaller package.


ONE-KEY™ Tool Tracking

Another pioneering advantage to Milwaukee is the ONE-KEY™ tool tracking system, which the MX FUEL™ range is compatible with.

Managed through the dedicated app, it allows the user to oversee the tools in their hands, digitally and in one place. It is a free of charge cloud-based tracking network and inventory management platform, which primarily focuses on preventing theft.

Real-time alerts, the ability to lock the tools remotely, and physical destination tracking give you peace of mind if security is a primary concern. But aside from this, there’s also the ability to view utilisation settings and receive alerts if your product requires attention or repair.

All MX FUEL™ products available to hire from Speedy Services are compatible with the ONE-KEY™ system, which doesn’t just give you on-site security, but also protection from a business perspective.


Hire the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range

The entire Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range, including the demolition hammercut off saw and diamond core drill, is available to hire exclusively at Speedy.

With a UK-wide system of depots and delivery networks, zero-emission tools have never been more accessible or readily available. We are excited to be able to bring this innovative equipment into the UK’s hire market.

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