New Online Product Bundles Now Available

When hiring power tools and larger equipment, you may also require some extras. Whether this is generators or batteries for the power supply, accessories to ensure the product works properly or add-ons to cater to your specific job, you need to have everything to hand before you can begin the job.

To help our customers, Speedy Services have introduced new online product bundles. These are our most frequently hired products, bundled with items which would normally be hired separately in the same transaction. So, rather than researching what you need and hiring everything separately, it is now all in one place, making it easy for you.

Our first online bundle is the cement mixer bundle. Simply add the product bundle to your basket and you’re good to go, with a saving of 20% off the total hire price.

You will need to buy and use suitable PPE when using all power tools from Speedy, including eye protection, safety wear, ear defenders and dust masks.


Why have we introduced bundles?

There are certain items which are always hired along with our tools and other equipment. These additions are used to either power the tool or adapt the tool for a specific job.

So, it makes sense for us to offer them as a bundle, all in one place. This way, it is less of a faff for you, and anyone unaware that they need the items has them all from the very beginning.

You only have to add one item to your basket, making it an easier process for you. Hire anything else you need, then head to the checkout.

Plus, grouping these items as an attractive bundle for both the trade and DIYers has allowed us to offer an amazing discount of 20% off the price of hiring them individually, providing you with all the additional tools you need to get the job done the smarter way, so why pay more.


Electric Cement Mixer Bundle

Our first online bundle is the cement mixer bundle. This includes:

  • Altrad Belle Minimix 150 electric concrete mixer
  • Mixer Stand
  • Portable transformer
  • Extension lead

This is all of the equipment you will need to mix concrete and mortar. The Altrad Belle Minimix 150 is ideal for small to medium-scale projects, such as laying a patio or building a driveway at home. Perfect for any DIYers feeling brave, or any tradespeople tackling a garden transformation.

When hiring any of our product bundles, they appear on the website as a single standalone product. Add this to your basket, and it will be sent through to the depots as a single order but with all the bundled items under the same order.

You’re still free to hire any additional separate products with your order too, such as drills, power washers or any other tools or equipment that is needed for the job.


Future Bundles

The cement mixer bundle is just the first of several bundles we are hoping to offer in the coming months. We know the items which are commonly hired with our most popular products, and they will all be based around the gardening, building, cleaning and decorating categories so there will be something for everyone!

Watch this space for all future announcements – follow us on Instagram, and keep checking our website.




Our Skills and Projects page has loads of tips on how to carry out some of the most popular DIY tasks, as well as guides for some challenging jobs too.

So, if a bundle sounds too good to be true and you want to tackle some DIY tasks off your long to-do list this weekend, you’ll find all your inspiration here.

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