With over 2,800 products and services available, across over 25 different categories it has been completely updated and redesigned.

As part of Speedy’s commitment to be a more sustainable business we’ve also worked to make the new catalogue our most environmentally friendly edition ever.

By condensing the editorial content we’ve reduced the catalogue by 96 pages compared to the 2015 edition.  This, combined with changing to a more sustainable paper stock and a reduced initial print run, has meant  12.5 tonnes of paper* were saved during manufacturing, and 11.1 tonnes of paper saved in the finished copies for distribution.

Approximately 6 hours less press manufacturing time was also required, which reduced gas and electricity consumption by 18%. The lighter weight catalogue has also reduced the Co2 emissions from the delivery to Speedy’s depots.

*for comparison, 12.5 tonnes of paper is equivalent in weight to 4 female African elephants

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