5 Common Uses for Portable Generators

We need electricity to get by in our everyday lives. From food storage and cooking to unwinding at the end of the workday, so much relies on it.

A small portable generator offers a perfect backup option if your electricity supply is down, or if you’re working in a remote area where access to the mains electricity supply is not possible.

They’re compact enough to be set up where needed and moved if you’re working on different sites. And they can keep a continuous supply of power to your equipment—just refuel the fuel tank when it is running low.

Most small portable generators use petrol or diesel, which is easy enough to come by.

A few things to remember when using a portable generator. Only refuel when the generator is switched off and is cool. You will want to wear gloves for this, as well as work boots and ear protection.

All required PPE can be purchased from Speedy when you hire your portable generator.


Reasons You Might Need a Small Portable Generator

  1. Running power tools on a remote site

Access to electricity can be tricky if you are on a work site, whether this be a construction site for a business or you’re renovating a property.

But so many power tools rely on electric power. While petrol tools exist, electric corded tools are often quieter, easier to set up and don’t give off fumes.

A small portable generator can provide power to your work tools in remote areas, allowing you to work safely without access to mains electricity.


  1. Power outages

Perhaps the most popular use of portable generators. In the UK, we can suffer power cuts throughout the year from bad weather and surges.

A portable generator can give you some crucial power supply when you need it the most.

From charging up mobile phones so you can contact people in an emergency, to keeping your fridge freezer running so you don’t lose hundreds of pounds worth of perishable food, small portable generators can be crucial.


  1. Power for outdoor events

Whether it is a family get-together in the garden over the summer, or you have a small business and need to set up a stall at an outdoor event, a portable generator can give you the power you need to keep going all day.

Where mains electricity isn’t available or isn’t supplied, generators can help power cooking equipment, lighting, music, or other equipment.

They are safer than extension cords trailing through a garden or visitor site, too.


  1. Camping

If you’re a fan of camping, you’re probably a fan of switching off and unplugging from the world. But we know this isn’t always possible, especially if there are kids to entertain or lots of food to cook.

A portable generator offers portable power as well as backup power. They can be taken with you when camping, to power electric cooking stoves, mini-fridges, laptops, or even just provide charge for a mobile phone.

This can be particularly handy if you’re wild camping away from a site with amenities.


  1. Standby power for businesses

Generators are crucial for businesses which provide essential services, such as healthcare settings. In fact, most are required to have them. These will be large-scale permanent generators.

But even if your business isn’t essential, you probably still can’t afford the downtime, so a small portable generator can keep your equipment going as an emergency power source.

From power surges and cuts to there simply being an issue with the electrics, equipment which relies on electrical power needs a backup ready to go at any moment.

Whether this be cooking equipment in a bakery, or embroidery machines for your online shop, generators can provide a backup you can rely on.


Can a Portable Generator Charge an Electric Car?

Most portable generators will not provide the correct output power for an electric car to charge. EV chargers typically deliver around 7kw of power, whereas a small portable generator will deliver between 4kw and 6kw.

So, if you have an electric car, you may want to invest in a more permanent solution as a backup power option.


Is it worth buying a portable generator?

Portable generators can be hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to purchase outright. This is a huge cost for any family or business upfront.

Generators also aren’t everyday pieces of equipment. Power outages are still relatively rare, as are outdoor events and power tool use, so investing in a generator which isn’t used all year round can be impractical.

This is why it is more common to hire portable generators as and when they are needed. Here at Speedy Hire, we have a huge range of portable generators available to hire across the UK.

With over 200 local depots, Click & Collect, and 4 Hour Delivery options all available, you can hire emergency generators in no time.

So, when a disaster strikes, trust Speedy to keep you going. Open an account for quicker hire and checkout when you need us.

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