Portable Heating at Home: Which do you need?


Keeping warm in winter doesn’t have to mean boosting the central heating and lighting the fire. A portable heater can give you more targeted results, heating individual rooms and individuals too, which will also keep energy bills lower.

You may also want to use a portable heater when it isn’t quite time to turn the boiler on, but there is still an uncomfortable chill in the air.

They’re also invaluable when you’re having gas boiler issues, carrying out renovations so don’t have a working central heating system, or you can’t close off the heat to certain unused rooms but want to save money.


As they’re portable, they can be moved around the home to where they are needed. So, use it in the living room when you’re watching TV, and then heat the bedroom before you head off to bed.

While they shouldn’t be used as a long-term heating solution, they’re great in emergencies or to keep the extreme cold at bay. Most heaters for home use will be electricity-powered, which is the safest option and so there are no fumes produced.

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Which portable heater is best for your home?

Oil filled radiators

Oil-filled radiators are ideal for offering targeted heating options. They work in a similar style to traditional central heating radiators, using oil to heat their surface.

Options such as the Rhino 2kW 240v Oil Filled Radiator give you a high heat output at various temperatures, so they can be catered to your specific needs. Look for something with thermostatic control, overheat protection and tip-over safety switches, which means they can be used unattended so you can keep rooms warm for longer periods.


Convector heaters

One of the most efficient options, which is ideal if it is running costs you’re thinking about. A convection heater is simple to use and usually features a few heat settings. They’re often lightweight and near silent in operation.

The Elite HN20/2 2kW Convector Heater will give out 2000W of heat on full power, which is great for heating and then maintaining heat in a single room. Frost protection means it will work in the coldest of conditions.

Convector heaters heat the air around you, pushing it out into the room. They’re perfect for heating larger rooms.


Fan heaters

Fan heaters are very popular for use in the home. They provide clean, safe, and quick heating for a room or individual, and are easy to use. They’re also compact and portable, so you can easily get them to follow you around your home where it is needed.

Various levels of fan heater power are available for both domestic and professional settings, but one like the Master D3KWFH 3kW Fan Heater is compact yet highly efficient for use in a home. It also won’t produce any additional humidity or noise and is packed with safety features, which is ideal in a home.


Why should I hire a heater for my home?

When you hire a heater, the options will be more powerful and high-end than those available to buy. This will enable you to heat your home faster and more efficiently. Heaters can also be expensive to buy, especially if you need the best option as you rely on the heat it will give out.

But heaters are also temporary requirements given UK weather, just like air conditioning units and fans. So, when not in use, you would have to store the heater. This is impractical for most. Hiring means you have the heater as and when you need it.


How much do portable heaters cost to run?

The higher the power (kW) the more energy the heater will use. However, higher power will also heat the room quicker.

The general method to work out running costs is:

  • Energy input (kW) x pence per kWh = running cost

They can be much more economical when it comes to taking the chill off a room, versus using central heating. If you hire a portable heater with thermostat control, it will turn itself off when the desired room temperature is reached, meaning it is more efficient.





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Preparing for winter?

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