Speedy were approached at the end of last year to help Prater with a safety issue whilst working on the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital project. The problem the team encountered required the lifting of 4 Skyjack platforms, each weighing over 7T, over the main structure which was 5 stories high, and positioning them in a courtyard within the main body of the structure where key work was being completed.

The Prater team contacted Carl Barton at our West Brom depot to help the work out a safe lifting solution. Carl suggested using a 22T C-Mod Spreader Frame, complete with 4 leg 6m x 11.2T chain sling and shackle combination to safely secure the Skyjacks and allow them to be lifted. Once Prater had evaluated the solution and discussed this internally, the entire units were ordered for delivery within 2 days.

As the pictures show, the solution worked out really well and the units have been working now for over 2 ½ weeks. Due to the nature of this project, Prater will be hiring these from Speedy every 3 to 4 weeks throughout the project, which is due to run for up to 40 weeks.

Speedy can offer bespoke solutions to suit most requests so if you need a Speedy lifting solution, contact your local depot today.


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