A survey carried out by the HSE recently found that only around half of companies were efficient at protecting their employees, with the use of RPE.

It found that firms could usually be grouped into one of four groups. These being Fortuitous, Learners, Developers and Proficient.

Proficient was the only group where members could be fully satisfied that they were doing everything they needed to in order to keep their workers protected while in their job.

This is because they have a "good understanding" of how RPE can be used to protect the worker, whereas the remaining groups and companies were, to varying levels, much less skilled in this regard.

The main two areas that held firms back, the HSE found, was a lack of management and worker knowledge when it comes to general RPE issues and test fitting, as well as limited knowledge when it comes to "ongoing monitoring, storage and maintenance requirements".

All firms should be looking to ensure they are in that top category, as this means they are best placed to ensure their workers' safety.

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