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When setting up a construction or work site, hiring portable, temporary accommodation will be a crucial part of the end result.

Speedy can provide any necessary type of structure for your site, with access to the largest fleet of containers in the UK.

Whether the space needs to be temporary or permanent, Speedy Solutions has everything from a range of temporary structures and warehouses to multi-story permanent buildings for offices, wards, or classrooms.



What Can Speedy Provide?

Speedy Solutions provides the answers you need for your exact issue and business requirement.

We work with dedicated manufacturers and companies, who specialise in the equipment your site needs. Together, we take the hassle out of the situation, helping you throughout the journey from site set-up to operation.


Speedy Mar-Key Solutions

Temporary warehouse and storage space may be needed for a cost- and time-effective solution to additional storage space requirements. This can be due to growth, renovation work, or seasonal changes in workflow.

Money doesn’t need to be spent moving items away from the site and storing them; Mar-Key will work to build a structure on your existing grounds. Adapt it how you need it, from wet weather covers to insulated temperature control inside.

Mar-Key can also assist sports and leisure facilities, or retail spaces. Ideal for pop-up events and festivals.

Speedy and Mar-Key will work with you to build the storage exactly how it best suits your business, assisting with planning, building control, and all additional set-up requirements.

Watch our video on Mar-Key Solutions here.



Storage Solutions and Containers

Mobile secure storage is essential to keep expensive equipment and tools in one place, and safe overnight or when not in use.

Speedy can provide your site with containers made from high-security steel with safety padlocks. With a range of sizes available, we have the solution for your exact need.

Our larger 10-40ft containers have anti-vandal construction, are weatherproof, and have hardwood flooring.


Portable Toilets

Building sites, festivals, day events, and renovation projects can all require portable toilets for the influx of additional customers or workers.

Speedy has access to over 10,000 units, with weekly maintenance at no extra cost if you require them for a long-term project.


Mobile Welfare Units & Welfare Vans

With a unisex toilet, kitchen, and seating areas, our mobile welfare units are designed to provide sites with an all-in-one solution to everyday needs.

Able to provide workers with a safe break area and can be adapted to suit regulations in temperature control during extreme weather. They can be set up and secured on-site within 30 seconds.

Our welfare vans are the perfect mobile welfare solution. With canteen facilities and a minimum of 7 crash-tested seats, all contained within the van.

Solar options are also available for remote or eco-conscious sites.


Sleeper Accommodation

Two bedrooms, a kitchen, and shower facilities, all within a compact portable unit which is quick to set up for a temporary or more permanent home-from-home.


20x8ft Canteens, Offices and Changing Rooms

Full steel, anti-vandal properties, and heavy-duty vinyl flooring. These units give your site the additional added space you require, with all of the internal fixtures and fittings needed.

  • Our offices can suit any required configuration
  • The kitchen comes with a worktop, sink, and dining space
  • The changing room gives users a dehumidification system, which can dry workwear overnight.



Most sites need to cut down on their carbon footprint, emissions, and energy use. Luckily, Speedy’s accommodation solutions can help.

Our eco range offers solar energy power and is designed to be net zero and carbon neutral in use. Additional features, such as rainwater harvesting and collection, can also help when reporting on the measures your site is taking to achieve net zero and help the planet.



Site Accommodation Hire from Speedy

Speedy can provide all of the above accommodation and building set-ups for your site, whether temporary or permanent.



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