Skip Hire Costs

When carrying out any renovation work, keeping costs as low as possible is a priority. This issue is particularly relevant when considering disposing of any waste.

Whether the waste is bulky, or you don’t have access to transport, it isn’t a suitable solution for some. So, hiring a skip is a great alternative. But of course, this will cost money in the form of a hire period cost.

How much money will skip hire set you back? We have answered all of your queries below.




How Much to hire a skip?

Firstly, the costs involved in hiring a skip depend on a few different things:

  • Your chosen skip hire company
  • The size of the skip required
  • The type of skip required (such as if it will include speciality waste)
  • How long do you need to hire the skip for?

Often, because skip hire can be a personalised service with a range of skip sizes and waste types available, a hire company will give you a quote based on your needs rather than providing a set price. This should limit the likelihood of additional charges cropping up over the hire period.

  • Call Speedy Skip Hire today on 0345 600 3546 for a no-obligation personalised quote

At Speedy Skip Hire we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know.

The costs associated with the collection of our containers are driven by four key factors:

  • Fuel
  • Labour
  • Disposal
  • Plant & equipment

All of these factors then differ based on the waste stream, service type, and geographic location. The cost of disposal is often the factor which causes the most variation, however.

  • Clean wood being sent to a recycling centre will be cheaper than sending a general waste skip to a landfill site, which is why it is really important that you hire the correct skip for your waste type and stick to the correct contents.

There may also be additional costs involved, such as permits if the skip can’t be placed on private land. We will go into all of these below.


Are there any additional costs involved with skip hire?

If you will be placing the skip on a private driveway at your home, then the price you pay will likely be the basic level cost for the skip and the hire period.

However, if the skip needs to be placed on the roadside, or in a parking bay of a business park/council-run town centre parking, you will encounter additional costs.

With a roadside placement, you will require a permit. This is sometimes referred to as a skip license. You also require a permit for hippo bags or other skip bags if they are on the roadside.

If hiring through a company such as Speedy, the cost of this permit can be included in your final price. Give us a call if you are unsure about what is needed.

  • When hiring a skip from Speedy, just click on the ‘Add Permit’ button before checkout. This permit will ensure you’re good to go.

Otherwise, skip permits must be obtained by your local council. Read our guide on skip permits for more information.

If using space which would otherwise be used for car parking, such as on a car park or public roadside, you’ll have to apply for a parking suspension. Paying this means you won’t receive a fine for using the parking space for an extended period. Paying the actual parking fee will be uneconomical.

Different boroughs and councils in the UK have their parking suspension price scales. How this is charged can also vary—some will charge an initial fee then a smaller daily fee, and some will charge you a certain amount per day based on how many metres of the road you require.



Is There Skip Hire Near Me?

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At Speedy we have got a great range of skips available and will be happy to talk you through all of the information you need to know. 

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