Construction equipment hire and services provider Speedy, has partnered with technology company Telent to deliver a low-carbon solution to help keep a major trainline running on the West Midlands Railway network.

Speedy provided an efficient hybrid-generator power source for a mobile transmitter required to fill a communications blackspot close to Sutton Coldfield station, while a permanent option was sought. Keeping communications flowing between train drivers and signallers is vital in ensuring rail networks can operate smoothly.

The transmitter required a low power load making it unsuitable for a standard generator package. Speedy sought a battery storage unit from supply partner Off-Grid Energy, which was used as the principle power source. This was paired with a 20kva diesel generator, which operated six to eight hours a weeks to recharge the battery storage unit. 

As a result of the generator’s minimal running times, the fuel tank supplied allowed for eight months of 24/7 operation without the need for refuelling. The remote monitoring facility of the battery storage unit allowed Speedy to identify any power supply issues & implement resolutions before these became apparent to Telent. 

Between July 2019 and January this year, 93 percent of the power supplied to the transmitted came from the battery storage unit, resulting in a carbon saving of almost 28,500 kg, with the remaining seven percent coming from the generator while working to recharge the battery. 

Greg Mawby, National Account Manager at Speedy, said: “The West Midlands Network plays a vital role in connecting millions of people across the region and ensuring a power solution was in place quickly ensured signalling communications remained open to maintain daily train services. 

“Product availability across our nationwide network means we can act immediately to meet our clients’ needs, while ensuring they have access to sustainable equipment to help cut carbon footprints across their projects. We were able to help Telent make a significant carbon saving, while cutting fuel costs by more than £250 per week.”

Franc Volcansek, Senior Project Engineer at Telent, added: “Speedy provided us with an intelligent, cost effective and low-carbon power supply to keep the line operational. Our partnership with the business enables us to get the equipment we need at very short notice to consistently meet urgent deadlines on a network where we play a key role as a trusted partner of the rail operator. We look forward to working closely with the business as we continue to deliver a reliable and cost-effective service to the region.”  

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