We are proud to announce that Speedy has become a corporate partner of The Early Careers Foundation who are a social mobility charity aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty in the UK by helping young people from low-income backgrounds to access great first careers.

As a business with a strong ESG, DEI and ‘People First’ agenda we recognise that a socially mobile and diverse workforce is good for business, as well as society as a whole. Businesses benefit from colleagues drawn from a range of backgrounds and capabilities, bringing new ideas fresh perspectives and opinions to the table.

The Foundation’s values fit seamlessly with our own namely Inclusive, Together and Innovative and also adds to work we already do supporting young people into their first careers with The Youth Group, Not Going to Uni and Springpod.

The Early Careers Foundation provides young people from low-income backgrounds opportunities to build the confidence, skills and commercial awareness needed to realise their earning potential.  As a corporate partner, Speedy will work with the Foundation to be a part of a gamified module for their custom-built app, My Future Hub, supporting young people to learn about our business and the hire industry.

This app and our module will teach 1,000s of young people about how our industry works, career opportunities in the space and top tips for entering it. We want to ensure young people from all backgrounds are well-informed enough to pursue whatever career they want.  In addition to this, Speedy colleagues from across the business will also volunteer to be trained as mentors and be paired with and guide a young person who the Foundation supports through a year long learning programme to build confidence and prepare them for a great first career.

We are excited to embark on this partnership with The Early Careers Foundation helping to improve social mobility which is a key (and often overlooked) part of the diversity and inclusion debate.  This is essential for generating a diverse future pipeline of talent and we can’t wait to get started on encouraging real change.

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