With an enhanced focus working with key stakeholders to deliver cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for across key industry sectors, the UK’s leading equipment rental and support services company is delighted to announce the arrival of the world’s first hybrid lighting tower.

The new VT-Hybrid LED, which is exclusive to Speedy, boasts an impressive 94 per cent saving for both efficiency and carbon emissions compared to old generation lighting towers, is a joint innovation between Speedy Services and its supplier Towerlight.

Using the latest fuel-saving and lighting technology, the VT-Hybrid LED is what Speedy bosses are hailing as a ‘major milestone’ in mobile lighting technology.  

Speedy’s supply chain director, Andy Connor, said: “Speedy has the largest fleet of lighting towers in the market place with over 2,500 available throughout the UK, and one of our key GO (Green Option) product categories..

“Because of the high-demand for lighting towers, we made a deliberate decision to work with our partners at Towerlight to come up with a lighting tower that is literally years ahead of the competition.

“The VT1-Hybrid fuel consumption statistics speak volumes. No other lighting tower comes close to matching its fuel saving and efficient performance. It again demonstrates that Speedy is committed to providing its customers with innovative and sustainable project solutions.”

The VT-Hybrid LED is fitted with energy saving LED lamps, rather than traditional metal halide lights. The lamps are made from robust polycarbonate, with no glass or bulbs to replace, which reduces the risk of breakage and explosion, reducing wastage and component replacement.

LED lamps can also be used for up to 70,000 hours, compared to the 6,000 hours of old-generation metal halide lights.

Additional forward-thinking features include an auto start-stop system which provides dusk to dawn light, increasing productivity and reducing carbon output; and an eight hour battery and eight hour generator power system which delivers silent operation for 50 per cent of the time.

  • Fuel consumption information for the VT-Hybrid LED compared to the VT1 Eco:
  • Fuel consumption in 12 hours: 1.5 (VT1 Eco: 16)
  • Fuel cost in 12 hours @.80/l: £1.20 (VT1 Eco: £12.80)
  • Weekly fuel cost @.80/l: £8.40 (VT1 Eco: £89.60)
  • Weekly C02 emissions: 1.09kg (VT1 Eco: 11.55kg)
  • Run time on a tank of diesel fuel: 700+ (VT1 Eco: 65)
  • Refuel period: over five months (VT1 Eco: 7x per month)

The world’s first hybrid lighting tower is exclusively available in Speedy’s network of over 300 depot centres.

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