Speedy can offer a wide range of services across various industries which can often lead to some unusual or special requests, recently our Lifting team came across such a request and managed to provide a #Speedydoesit solution.

Carl Barton, depot manager at our West Birmingham superstore was the key contact for the request from Vivarail and explains what the job entailed:

"I was originally contacted by Vivarail to find a solution for them to test 2 underground train carriages that they were converting into over ground carriages.

Legislation dictated that each carriage should be tested to a load of 15t. My contact needed to travel both carriages over a distance loaded with the weight but the problem was that it needed to be an evenly distributed load.

I offered our 20kg test weights in baskets that he could spread around the carriages with our special trolleys. They thought this was a fantastic idea and ordered them at £3k per week for an initial 1 week hire.

I then set about the huge task of rounding up 1200 test weights and 300 baskets which were spread far and wide around the Speedy network so we requested a stock count to get a visual on the numbers.

With the help of Rebecca Cross in the Logistic team we arranged to ship them all into Tamworth NDC. Once at Tamworth our fitter then set about the unenviable task of loading them all into the baskets, palletising them in 10’s and banding them all to the pallets.

Andy Russell and Des Ward from Tamworth NDC transport team then arranged for them to be delivered on time within the customers original 1 week deadline. The job eventually got extended and earned around £11k in revenue.

As I am sure you can see from the different areas involved above this really was an example of 'One Speedy, One Solution'."

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