Introducing Speedy’s New Carpet Cleaning Bundle

Speedy has launched three new product bundles to join our popular concrete mixer bundle, making heating your site, polishing your wooden floors, or cleaning your carpets a breeze.

The carpet cleaner bundle is ideal for anyone wanting to clean their dirty, drab-looking carpets, or for any SMEs offering carpet cleaning as a service. It can also be used by any businesses or offices which need carpet cleaning every so often.

The cleaning machine is heavy-duty, so you’re going to get better professional results for less cost and can rest easy knowing the job is done well.

The carpet cleaner bundle includes:




About our Carpet Cleaner Bundle

The TRUVOX HC250 Hydromist compact carpet cleaner is designed as an all-in-one spray extraction machine for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

There is a rotary brush that lifts dirt from beneath the carpet surface, offering a truly deep clean.

The powerful vacuum means a large amount of water can be extracted from the carpet after cleaning, resulting in quicker drying times – ideal if the room needs to be used ASAP.

It is ideal for use in small to medium-carpeted areas in healthcare environments, schools, and offices. Hiring a carpet cleaner every month or so is cheaper and easier than buying and storing one, and the Truvox HC250 is easy for anyone to use.

It can also be hired by consumers wanting to freshen their homes; carpets should ideally be cleaned at least once per year.

The bundle also comes with an extension lead. If working in a large area, this will likely allow you to cover the whole room using one plug.

There’s also a Residual Current Device (power breaker) included, which automatically switches the electricity supply off if there is a fault rather than relying on human intervention.

This is crucial as you will be working with a water-based appliance and probably using the extension lead, so it is an extra layer of safety we recommend. This is why it is included in our bundle.


Why hire as a bundle?

Time is of the essence when carrying out cleaning tasks, particularly if you’ve hired your machinery and don’t want to waste any hours, so bundles give you everything you need to get started ASAP.

We’ve all gone to the shops, bought something new, returned home, and realised our new purchase can’t be used because something crucial is missing.

Whether we forgot to buy cream for the sauce or batteries for the kid’s toy, it's an annoyance. Carpet cleaning is no different. You will likely need an extension lead to be able to reach the whole room without constantly unplugging the cleaner.

Hiring as a bundle also helps with safety in this case. As above, the RCD is paramount when working with electricals in wet conditions. We’ve included it as standard.

The bundle gives you one set price for everything, which will be easier if invoicing someone or adding costs to your outgoings.

Our bundles work out cheaper than hiring everything separately, as well.


Carpet Cleaning Guides

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