Introducing Speedy’s New Heating Bundle

Speedy has launched three new product bundles to join our existing popular cement mixer bundle, including a heating bundle which provides you with all you need to keep your site or office warm.

The new heating bundle includes:




About our Heating Hire Bundle

The Rhino TQ3 Infrared Heater 110v is ideally suited for spot heating in domestic and construction environments and especially is useful for drying paintwork and plaster.

Therefore, it is the ideal pick for any tradespeople such as plasterers or decorators, or anybody who is having a go at some DIY and decorating a room themselves.

The infrared heater will dry paint and plaster in no time, which helps you get on with other things and cut down on the risk of issues with slow drying times (such as smudges).

It’s robust, to withstand the rigour of a worksite. It also has a moulded handle and wheels to allow for easy manoeuvrability around your site, which is ideal if you’re stuck for time.

The heater can also be used in an office environment where safe yet powerful heating is needed to boost the warmth of the room, or as a temporary solution to central heating maintenance.

It is also a safe solution to temporary heating on sites, such as in offices and accommodation buildings.

The Rhino TQ3 Infrared Heater 110v requires a transformer, which is included in the bundle alongside an extension lead (which will help with practicality).

The transformer has a vented body to prevent overheating and is specially designed for use with 110v heaters. As for the extension lead, it is safe for use with construction site applications such as portable transformers and corded hand power tools.


Why Hire as a Bundle?

There is nothing worse than taking something home, and not realising you need extra tools and cables to get it working.

The same applies to tool hire products; depending on where they are used, and how they are used, transformers and extension cables are often a necessity.

Hiring your heating as a bundle means everything is included in one package, so you won’t forget anything and waste time sorting it out.

Our product bundles are also cheaper than hiring everything separately, so whether you’re trying to keep costs low and stick to a budget, or you need to provide an invoice to a customer, you just have one number to work with.

It also helps with safety; all of the cables and additional electricals included in our product bundles are safe to use with the main tool or device in question, so you don’t have to work out which to hire.

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