When it comes to innovation, Speedy lead the way. We are proud to announce the introduction of the world’s first taxi van into our fleet; revolutionising green transport and setting the standard for the future.

Pioneers of the design and development of this unique vehicle, Speedy worked with The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) on the first prototype built at the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Coventry. 

Based on the traditional London taxi cab, it boasts an extended mileage capability to eliminate any range-anxiety, providing 80 miles of emissions free driving and an extended electrically driven total range of over 370 miles. This new van also satisfies the growing demand for zero-emissions 1-tonne commercial vehicles, currently dominated by diesel products. 

Mark Woodworth, Head of Transport at Speedy, was instrumental in getting the project off the ground and said:

“Having been a passenger in an electric taxi, I’ve always said that it’s like a van with seats. There are no small electric vans in the market and I knew that if we could make one, it could have a significant positive impact on how we collect and deliver our products to and from our customer’s sites.

“In simple terms LEVC removed the seats to convert a taxi to a van, and used advanced manufacturing and technical capability to build the world’s most advanced zero-emissions electric taxi-van. Its unique design allows it to meet stringent Government environmental requirements around air pollution, noise and congestion and will also help us lower operating costs and achieve higher fuel economy within our fleet.

“One of the key themes within our sustainability programme ‘Energise’ is working in partnership with our suppliers to introduce innovative ways of operating. Our partnership with LEVC has enabled us to produce a vehicle that meets our needs, and we hope to continue working with them to enhance the vehicle further."

The addition of this new electric vehicle into our fleet also reinforces our commitment to being industry leaders in sustainability by minimising our impact on the environment.







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