Speedy - the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services – has launched a new service to help project managers set up construction sites.

The Speedy Site Solution is a new consultancy-led service which helps to map out and supply essential communications, accommodation and security needs before a construction project starts.

Once planned, a dedicated Speedy representative will be able to provide full site communications such as a landline telephone and broadband access within fourteen days rather than the usual three months.

Known as the Speedy ‘Canopy’ service it can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis without the need to dig for cabling.

To guarantee site security, the scheme offers use of a mobile JCB CCTV tower which provides site control 24/7 from a remote monitoring centre.

Through the security programme, Speedy can also provide MSite, an all-in-one biometric access control system. Through hand or iris recognition, the system allows a range of functions from simple access control to time management and carbon footprint data by monitoring site workers’ activity.

As part of the Site Solution scheme accommodation units are also available for a variety of purposes including office space, storage and welfare.

Additional site set-up products can also be provided through the service such as fencing, power generation, furniture and heating.

Darren Evley, managing director of Speedy Site Solutions said: “Delays in installing communications, security and proper accommodation can cost construction projects time and money.

“Speedy Site Solutions offers an integrated service which brings together our extensive product portfolio and professional expertise to help project managers identify the exact requirements of a site and source the appropriate equipment.”

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