Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services, has this week called on manufacturers to put their most eco-friendly products forward for its Environmental Award.

First launched last year as part of Speedy’s commitment to sustainability, the award is open to suppliers of all sizes, regardless of whether they are already working with Speedy.

The winner will be able to demonstrate that their product can have a significant positive impact on the environment, for example by lessening emissions, reducing energy use or helping contractors to minimise waste.

The closing date to enter the competition is the 12th August 2011. The winner will be announced at the Speedy National Supplier Conference on the 22nd September 2011 at the Telford International Centre.

Last year’s winner was Towerlights VT-1 Eco lighting tower, which features intelligent sensors which automatically switch the lights on and off depending on brightness levels. Tests have shown that having 12 VT-1 Eco towers onsite can save up to £4,300 per month on average.

Andy Connor, supply chain director at Speedy, said: "The Environmental Product Innovation Award is a fantastic opportunity for rental equipment manufacturers, whether they’re already working with us or not – to show us how their product can help us and our customers hit sustainability targets"

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