Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of rental and support services has invested over £3.2 million in Doosan Model 7/31G Compressor Generators, which allows air tools to be powered at the same time as electrical equipment.

Speedy are currently spending more with Doosan than any other customer.

With an auxiliary generator output of 6.5kva, electricity can be supplied in conjunction with compressed air output. This feature improves onsite-efficiency by allowing air tools such as air jacks, to be powered at the same time as power tools or lighting.

Weighing just 708kg, each unit can also be towed by any vehicle without the need for additional operator training. The model is typically used by the utility sector and the Doosan Model 7/31G has a free air delivery of 105cfm at 100psi and can easily operate up two 25k road breakers at the same time.

The compressor and generator can be also be run on simultaneous basis, whilst providing a full 6.5 kva and 70 cfm. The unit also fully conforms to the current EC noise regulations and has a sound power level rating of 98 Lwa.

Andy Connor, supply chain director at Speedy, said: “Exemplary efficiency is one of the key characteristics our customers require, and by allowing electrical tools to be run in conjunction with air tools, the Doosan 7/31G deftly meets this requirement.

“Its dual functionality makes it ideal for contractors working in the utilities sector, where we expect to see significant demand for this product.”

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