Speedy are proud to introduce the latest solution from Reactec to help customers more effectively protect their workers from Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) risks.

Speedy has recently introduced the Reactec Analytics Platform, which combines the industry-leading HAVMETER with a new cloud based reporting platform to deliver a more practical and effective solution. The new system helps employers accurately assess risks and implement effective actions to better protect workers and support HSE guidelines.

Steven Giblin, HSSEQ Director at Speedy, said: “Our commitment to health and safety dominates every aspect of our business and we recognise that the Reactec Analytics Platform is a powerful aid for our customers who are serious about reducing and eliminating HAV risks.”

“The new automated data collection and online reporting service will allow our customers to easily and effectively achieve their objectives to mitigate risks from vibration exposure.”

Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO of Reactec, said: “Reactec’s system provides Speedy customers with the tools and information to help implement and measure the most effective HAV actions to support HSE guidelines.”

 “This system educates and informs tool operators, team leaders and other managers to undertake greater responsibility and raises awareness of their HAV risk exposure.”

About Reactec Analytics Platform

The Reactec Analytics Platform removes the need for paperwork by automating the whole process, from real-time calculation of worker exposure in the field to providing employers with reliable and valuable information online.

The HAVMETER has been tried and tested for over seven years and used across many industry and government sectors by more than 40,000 operators.

The system aids the continuous lowering of vibration exposure and provides a company with more conclusive and historical exposure records. Combined with instant access to more accurate and auditable data it also provides a company with a more robust defence against employee litigation.


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